Poco X2 Price hike to Rs. 1000 with effect of GST

Poco X2 Price hike to Rs. 1000 with effect of GST
POCO X2 price is increased by Rs. 1000 for all memory variants with effect of mobile GST rate increased by 50% from 12% to 18% by Government of India. Effective to this, POCO X2 price is revised to increase the price for all memory variants of 6GB + 64GB, 6GB + 128GB & 8GB + 256GB storage. The new price of POCO X2 will be effective from 1st April, now the official price of POCO X2 is changed with Rs. 16,999 for 6GB + 64GB, Rs. 17,999 for 6GB + 128GB memory & finally, Rs. 21,000 for 8GB + 256GB memory variants. 
The POCO X2 is sold through Flipkart Online Shopping and due to COVID-19 pandameic disease the sale is temprovarily stopped also, the POCO X2 is currently out of stock. But the price will effective from April 1st and it will not be changed. 
Top 10 Best Features of POCO X2 mobile – Runs on MIUI 11 based on Android 10 OS

Top 10 Best Features of POCO X2 mobile – Runs on MIUI 11 based on Android 10 OS

The POCO X2 Smartphone is the one of the best mid-range premium segment smartphones in around Rs. 20000 price segments. POCO X2 featured on top with MIUI 11 UI based on Android 10 operating system and updated with March 2020 security patch. Here I share the top 10 best features of POCO X2 mobile phone.  

10: Locking & Unlocking Smartphone

In a Smartphone locking & unlocking the screen should to be hassle free for best user experience. In this case, POCO X2 has best features which helps for best experience on locking & unlocking the screen. The POCO X2 mobile comes with side-mounted fingerprint scanning. So, by default to unlock the device using side-mounted fingerprint scanner is sometimes difficult and it not be comfortable too. Because, by default you have to press the power button to unlock the device via fingerprint scanning also, the POCO X2 is comes with huge 6.55-inch screen and the placement of fingerprint scanner is in-adequate. So, it quite difficult to lock & unlock the screen on one-hand usage.

But to solve this, POCO X2 brings the feature in the Settings > Password & Security > and go to the fingerprint option with your default password. Here has an option “Fingerprint recognition method” just change that from press to touch. That’s it, here after you can unlock the device by just touching the sensor instead of pressing the button.
Also, Using Poco X2 you can lock & wake the screen by just double tapping on the screen. To manage this feature, go to Settings > Lock Screen and enable the Double tap to wake Feature and then go to settings > Home Screen to enable the option Double tap to lock the screen feature.
Then, it also, having a Raise to Wake feature and it further helps to wake the screen whenever you raise the POCO X2 mobile. So, by this feature, you can easily unlock the mobile using the face recognition method instantly.

9. Managing Notifications in Lock Screen

Using this feature, you can manage whether the notification content need to show or not in locked screen. To manage this feature, Go to Settings > Password & security and open Face Unlock by putting your default password. Here enables the option “Show notification details after verifying face data”.

Also, enable these two options in settings,

  1. Wake Lock Screen for notification” under Settings > Lock Screen
  2. Allow Face Unlock When Screen lights Up” under settings > Password & Security & Face Recognition.
This will allow the face recognition to unlock your device when screen lights up on receiving notifications.

8. Display Features

The Poco X2 is sports with huge 6.67-inch FHD+ display based on IPS LCD panel. But is has higher screen refresh rate of 120Hz also, you can manage this feature under Settings > Display > refresh rate. Higher screen refresh rate gives you fast & smooth scrolling in display but increases the battery consumption.

Also, it has Dark mode feature it gives you good viewability and readability on daily usage. You enable or disable the Dark mode feature here also; you can schedule as per your wish.
Similarly, around the display you can capture screenshot by swiping down with three fingers and also you can take long screenshot on taping the scroll option after taking screenshot. Then, it has split screen feature too, just go to recent apps page and there you’ll see the Split screen, just select and drag an app in the second screen and that’s it.

7. POCO Launcher Features

Firstly, let me know, which launcher are you using, whether default mobile launcher or a third-party launcher in the poll in I button. Well, the POCO launcher has best features like, show search bar in the App drawer option by enabling this feature the search bar automatically pops up when opening the App drawer. Manage this option under Settings > Home Screen > “Show Search bar in the App drawer”.

Also, you can sort the Apps in App icon color wise by enabling the options under Home screen settings > App drawer & enable the option “Group icons by Color”. Likewise, if you don’t want to see this App vault page in the home screen you can remove this in-Home Screen settings > Home screen and disable the option “Turn on App vault”.

6. Features in Camera

The Poco X2 is a first smartphone till now in India equipped with Sony IMX686 sensor and it’s a real 64MP camera resolution. It outputs good photos in all modes. It has a feature of Anti banding by adjusting this option you can reduce the lines on captured photos like displays & screens.

Also, by double press the volume down button you can capture photos by accessing the camera application directly even on the locked screen. To enable this feature head into Settings > Lock screen and at last here is the option, just enable this option and That’s it.
By default, the camera application will open only in Photo mode. But in camera settings just enable the option “Save Previous Mode”. This will help to keep the mode which you used lastly before closing camera application on every time you opening the camera. So, it will be help full if you’re wish in taking portrait always means if you set in portrait mode before closing means it opens next time with portrait setting mode.

5. One-Handed & Quick Ball Feature

One-handed mode will really helpful on single hand usage. You can easily enable this feature under Settings > Additional Settings > and enable the one-handed mode. The one-handed mode has different display sizes like 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5-inches.

Now if you’re using buttons navigation means swipe from the left or right from the home button as per your wish. And to go back to normal screen tap anywhere outside of the one-handed screen. If you’re using Gesture navigation means you can enable using Quick Ball feature.

Quick ball feature

To enable Quick ball feature, just go to Quick ball option in the same Additional setting and enable the option “Turn on quick ball”. The Quick ball feature is similar to Apple Assistive touch, Vivo Easy touch etc.
So, using Quick ball you can manage your all needed shortcuts like most used apps, lock screen, one-handed mode, recent apps, screenshot, split screen and so on. Here is the list of shortcuts available through Quick ball. Also, you can customize Quick ball like changing gesture style, hide automatically in selected apps, move aside when entering to Fullscreen, stick to edge after 3 seconds activity and show on lock screen feature.

4. Button Features

By default, you’ll get the button options for navigation after unboxing. But it has more useful features & shortcuts in the Button navigation. First of all, to enable the buttons navigation, go to settings > Additional settings > Full screen display and here you can enable the buttons. Also, you can change the back & recent buttons using the mirror buttons option.

Then go to back to Additional settings, select Buttons shortcut and here you can make shortcuts as per your wish for launch camera, taking screenshot, Google assistant, turn off screen, turn on torch, close current app, split screen, and show menu.
Then you can automatically disable navigation buttons for selected wish as per your wish. Also, in this setting option you can enable the Google Assistant on press and hold the 0.5s to turn ON.

3. Gesture Features

Using the Gesture features is actually giving you a smooth touch experience on the Poco X2 120Hz refresh rate display. To enable the full view display, go settings > Additional Settings > Full Screen Display & here select the Full Screen gestures.

Then you can automatically disable navigation buttons for selected wish as per your wish. Also, in this setting option you can enable the Google Assistant on press and hold the 0.5s to turn ON.

3. Gesture Features

Using the Gesture features is actually giving you a smooth touch experience on the Poco X2 120Hz refresh rate display. To enable the full view display, go settings > Additional Settings > Full Screen Display & here select the Full Screen gestures.

Using Full screen gesture, navigate just by soft swiping from the bottom to go Home screen, then swipe from the left side or right side to go back/previous page and to see recent app list just swipe from the bottom and hold on for a while. Full Screen Gestures will give you a full screen view experience and easy to go back, home & accessing recent apps. Also, for shortcuts you can use quick ball features for immediate accessing.

2. Switch Between Two Apps

After enabling the full screen gestures in settings > Additional Settings > Full Screen Display. Now enable the option “Go back to previous app”. Here after you can switch between two apps by swiping from the left or right and hold on for a While. It’s like an ALT + TAB shortcut in Windows. This is really one of the best features for random apps users in Realtime.


1. Dual Accounts Login

This is my most favorite feature in Poco X2 mobile and also, it really helps in terms of privacy. Firstly, head in to settings > Special Features. Now select the option “Second space” and tap on Turn on Second Space

After created, now continue with password and set the password for second space. Also, you set the fingerprint for second space for faster switching between two spaces. But, set fingerprint that not used in the first space for better switching between two spaces. Similarly, do the same for passwords too. After setting password that’s it second space is now created.
Now you can access two space with two different passwords & fingerprints. You can switch main account & second space by entering the main password & second space password respectively. So, based on the password or fingerprint you’re using the account switched accordingly.
To manage second space, firstly, go to settings > Special Features and select Second Space. Now here you can able to access some features like, changing passwords, fingerprints, showing private messages in second spaces too, and also, you can move data’s like photos and other files between two spaces as per your wish.
This feature will really helpful to keep your files, photos in more privately. If anyone ask your mobile also, you can give them by just unlocking with the second space encryption. So, you will no need to worry for your privacy using this feature.
Finally, to sum it up these are all the features are the Top 10 features of POCO X2. Actually, I maximum covered with the related features too. So, it will be more useful to you also, gives you a best user experience.
POCO X2 Charging Speed & Time – 44% in 30 Minutes

POCO X2 Charging Speed & Time – 44% in 30 Minutes

POCO X2 charging speed is tested to find out the overall Charging time of POCO X2 4500mAH battery. It supports 27W Fast charging also, included the 27W fast charger and it chargeable through USB Type-C port. So, let’s start to find out the Poco X2 charging time. Firstly, I have made a state in both Phone ON & OFF condition to find out how much battery percentage is charged in each state. Likewise, the POCO X2 heating condition is monitored thoroughly during the POCO X2 charging test duration. 
The POCO X2 charges about 44% of battery on the first 30 minutes of charge also, during this period the phone is in OFF state. Now the POCO X2 turned ON & on the next 30 minutes while, the phone is switched ON with Wi-Fi & Internet working condition. In this condition, the POCO X2 charges from 44% to 66% of battery in next 30 minutes. Overall the POCO X2 charges about 66% of battery in 1 Hour. However, in last 30 minutes during phone ON condition it, charges 22% of battery and to be note that, during phone OFF condition, it doubles the charging level of 44% of battery in first 30 minutes. 
After that, in next 30 minutes, from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes it charges 66% to 90% of battery. So totally, 24% of battery charged in next 30 minutes and it almost similar to last 30 minutes which is 22% of battery. Finally, the POCO X2 charges slowly on charging from 90% to 100% of battery. It takes a time of 25 minutes to charge 10% of battery between 90% to 100% battery. Therefore, the POCO X2 finally fully charged the 100% of battery in 1 Hour 55 minutes. To sum it up all,

In Phone OFF state:

First 30 min                                       – 44% charged (0% to 44%)

In Phone ON State

Next 30 min (In 1 Hour)                    – 22% (44% to 66%) 


Next 30 min (In 1 Hour 30 Minutes) – 24% (66% to 90%)


Final, 25 min (In 1 Hour 55 Minutes) – 10% (90% to 100%)

Is POCO X2 Heating while, Charging

Yes, POCO X2 heat slightly after turning on the phone in next 30 minutes. The POCO X2 is not heat up in phone off state for first 30 minutes and during that time it charges 44% of battery. After turning ON the phone and in next 30 minutes it charges about 66% of battery at this point, it starts to heat slightly. The heating is continued but the temperature is not increased until the 100% of charge. Overall, the POCO X2 has little heating while charging after 66% of battery. 
POCO X2 First sale on Today – Are you Buy this?

POCO X2 First sale on Today – Are you Buy this?

Poco recently launched a poco X2 it first sale on 11 February 12PM via Flipkart. The Poco X2 launched in three color variants Matrix Purple, Phoneix Red & Atlantis Blue. It available in three memory variants, starting from the price of Rs. 15,999 for 6GB + 64GB, Rs. 16,999 for 6GB + 128GB & finally, Rs. 19,999 for 8GB RAM & 256GB internal storage.
POCO X2 gets an offer of Rs. 1000 instant discount on buying through ICICI Credit, debit & EMI transaction. The POCO X2 is an re-branded version Redmi K series which launched last year in India with Redmi K20 & K20 Pro devices. Recently, Redmi K30 got launched at China now it re-branded in India with POCO X2 mobile. Likewise, Poco X2 will supposed to launch a Poco X2 Pro mobile in future. 


POCO X2 feature VoWiFi Calling Support

POCO X2 feature VoWiFi Calling Support

POCO X2 features with a VoWiFi calling out from the box itself. The Poco X2 runs om MIUI 11 based on Android 10. It powered by Snapdragon 730G octa core processor combined with 8GB RAM & 256GB internal storage.
POCO X2 VoWiFi Calling

VoWiFi calling feature enable on Jio & Airtel network recently. Using this feature here after users can speak calls through a WiFi network instead of network calling. 

VoWiFi feature enabling in all devices one by one in the same vein, now the Poco X2 supported with VoWiFi calling feature. Therefore, using Poco X2 mobile you can speak calls via WiFi. However, it should be note that, your region and area need to be supported for using this VoWiFi callling feature.
POCO X2 price, specs & availability

POCO X2 price, specs & availability

Poco launched POCO X2 mobile phone, the official specs matches with the earlier launch of Redmi K30 in China. The Poco X2 launched in three colors Matrix Purple, Phoenix Red & Atlantis Blue. It available in three memory variants 6GB + 64GB, 6GB + 128GB & 8GB + 256GB storage. The POCO X2 priced for Rs. 15,999, Rs. 16,999 & Rs. 19,999 respectively.
POCO X2 Price, Offers & Availability

The Poco X2 available for sale from 11th of February 12 noon via Flipkart. Also, on buying POCO X2 all memory variants you’ll get additional Rs. 1000 discount on paying through ICICI credit, debit & EMI transactions. 

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