Facebook is an online social networking platform through that people’s can find their friends, beloved ones and sharing photos, videos and their experiences with each other. All the posts related to photos, videos, text, link shared by you, your friends and friends of friends will be listed in the Facebook Newsfeed (Homepage).

And also, Facebook created a unique timeline for each Facebook account users that used to manage your personal information, posts that shared by you, comments posted in a post, posts that shared in your timeline by your friends and else friends tagged you in a post. And this timeline will show to others if someone search for your Facebook account. In other words, mean that Facebook timeline will illustrate about yourself So, managing your Facebook TimeLine is an important thing to protect your identity.

Timeline Review Settings

There is a possibility of abusing your Facebook timeline by sharing a post on your timeline or tag you in a photo. These posts are feed in your timeline & further the photos tagged can be able seen by friends of friends and yeah!! Obviously, you’ll get notified and you have an option to take action against that post via delete or hide from your timeline. But doing this action is not to be a daily work routine so to overcome this Facebook has an option in your settings to review your timeline and almost this article also tries to explain that feature.

Now let’s move on to the article first go to Facebook settings and if you’re an Android user select the option Timeline and tagging under the Privacy tab, if you’re desktop user you’ll get the option right from the settings. And under timeline option change the setting Who can post on your timeline? to Only me. Then in the third tab ‘Review’ turn ON in the both options and you’re done now, anyone Post by tagging you means you’ll get timeline review message from Facebook.

Facebook Timeline Review

And you can manage the post that blocked from your timeline in the timeline review settings. Manage this option under Activity Log > Timeline Review & for android users get this option in account timeline top itself and their find all post that tagged by your friends and also, use the option Add to Timeline if you’re wish to show in your timeline.