PTron is one of the best brands delivering tech products like Bluetooth Earbuds, Earphones, and other tech gadgets. Inline, PTron recently launched the PTron Bassbuds Plus model priced for Rs. 1300 via Amazon. Also, you’ll get at a special offer price of Rs. 1,099 during the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale. It is also, an in-ear type Bluetooth earbuds alike Bassbuds Pro, and Bassbuds Urban. I have actually used this product for the past two weeks so, based on my personal insights I’m going to share my opinion about this PTron Bassbuds Plus in Review with its Pros & Cons. 

PTron Bassbuds Plus Unboxing & What’s Inside the Box?

PTron Bassbuds Plus Overview

The PTron Bassbuds Plus is an in-ear type Bluetooth earbuds that come with a Charging case and a pair of earbuds. Firstly, talking about the Charging case, this time it has designed and available in three color variants, Blue, Red & Silver. Also, the color design is made of metal and other parts of the areas are built on Plastic material including the Charging case door, and earbuds. The PTron Bassbuds Plus is easy to carry into your palm since it designed in a compact size.

Now on the physical overview, the charging case has a PTron branding at the front and on the rear side, the micro USB port is equipped. After that, inside the charging case digital display is placed which shows the actual battery available in the charging case as a percentage.

Also, the earbuds charging indication shown the left & right side of the display. So, if you place the earbud in the charging case the L & R lights up which means the earbuds are in charging state similarly if the lights OFF mean the earbuds charging is completed. 

Then moving on to the earbuds, it is also, an in-ear type earbuds like Bassbuds Pro & Urban. It designed like the Bassbuds Urban model in narrow and small in size but the Bassbuds Plus does not come with touch controls instead, button type function is given. The PTron Bassbuds Plus has features with the following functions, like Play/Pause, Attend/Disconnect Calls, Next/Prev Song, Google Assistant activation. To manage the functions right from the earbud, 

  • Switch ON/OFF – Long Press L & R earbuds (You can also, use single earbud if want)
  • Play/Pause Songs – Single Tap on Left or Right Earbud
  • Next/Prev Song – Double Tap on Left and Right Earbud, respectively.
  • Google Assistant – Long Press 3 seconds on any one earbud.
  • Attend/Disconnect calls – Single Tap on Left or Right Earbud

Note: No Volume Controlling options via Earbuds.

How do you feel while wearing Earbuds?

On wearing comforts, the PTron Bassbuds Plus gives me a very good experience it never falls down from my ears. However, the earbud comfort on ears is completely based on your ear size, if you having less ear size there is a chance of the earbud fall down from the ears. But for mine, it completely fits into the ear and it never down even on jogging, driving a bike with a 40Km speed and on slow running also. 

Likewise, the PTron Bassbuds Plus has designed completely small & narrow in size so, there is a more possibility for comforts in the ears. Then accessing button while wearing earbuds also, too good it never hurts my ears on a complete day usage too. 

PTron Bassbuds Plus Connectivity

The PTron Bassbuds Plus is having a Bluetooth V5.0 that has a connectivity option and it connects instantly after the first time paring with a device. Then, in terms of connection range also, it works at the best between the 10-meter range so, you’ll continue to enjoy the songs & speaking calls without any interrupt by roaming casually without a smartphone within a range.  

How it’s Audio & Call Quality?

The PTron Bassbuds Plus equipped with an 8mm driver unit on the earbuds it outputs a very clear sound quality like bass, vocals & mid-tones. The audio quality is almost similar to the PTron Bassbuds Urban model thus what I experienced in the Bassbuds Urban the same quality is there in the Bassbuds Plus. In my opinion, it performs well you’ll feel the dedicated bass sounds and crystal clear vocal even at the maximum of volume. 

On speaking calls, it able to manage to output your voices to the opposite one even in the outdoor with some noise, and on the in-door, you can speak calls without any interrupt seamlessly.

PTron Bassbuds Plus Battery Consumption

For any Bluetooth earbuds if it comes along with a charging case you no need to worry about its battery. Since here the PTron Bassbuds Plus having a 300mAH of battery in the charging case and each earbud having a 40mAH battery built-in. So, once you fully charged both the charging case & earbud, you can continue hearing music throughout the day. Here, the PTron Bassbuds Plus each earbud 40mAH battery gives 4 to 5 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. In addition, you can refill the earbuds battery by charging through a Charging Case.

So, if you’re a user hearing songs for a day with 1 to 2 hours mean with a help of a charging case the battery will withstand up to a week on a full charge. Is it interesting? 

PTron Bassbuds Plus Pros & Cons


  • Good Design & Compact size
  • Good Wearability
  • In-Ear type earbud.
  • Good Audio Quality
  • Call Quality is better.
  • Best Battery Consumption.


  • No Volume Control Option in Earbud
  • After placing the earbud into the charging case, some times the earbud lift up on shakes. So, Charging interrupts and auto-connect to paired devices without our knowledge.