PTron recently launched a PTron Bassbuds Pro and its an upgrade of predecessor PTron Bassbuds. Now here I come up with PTron Bassbuds Pro Full review based on my insights with its pros & cons. I have been using this PTron Bassbuds Pro Bluetooth wireless earbuds for past a week so, let’s find with me on how the PTron Bassbuds plays…

PTron Bassbuds Pro YouTube Video

PTron Bassbuds Pro Highlights

PTron gives a massive upgrade to PTron bassbuds pro compared to its predecessor. Also, it launched in competitive price range.

  • LCD Display on Charging Case shows available battery.
  • Earbud with Touch Sensor control.
  • More Compact, Good Looking & Small in Size (Both Charging Case & Earbud)
  • Earbud is truly based In-Ear type.
  • Manage calls & music’s right from Earbud.
  • Support Bluetooth V5.0 connection.
  • Charging case powers with 300mAH battery.
  • Each Earbud equips 40mAH battery.
  • Charging Case chargeable through USB Type-C port.
  • Supports Voice Assistants like Google Assistant & Apple Siri.
  • Works on Android, Apple phones, Tablets & other Bluetooth enabled devices.

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PTron Bassbuds Pro Unboxing

The PTron Bassbuds pro package contains the following accessories,

  • Charging Case
  • Pair of Earbuds
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Pair of Ear tips
  • User Guide

PTron Bassbuds Pro First Impression

On the first sight, the PTron Bassbuds Pro charging case is very small and more compact to hold on. Similarly, the earbud also, very tiny so, it easily fit into the ear. It designed in black color and made of fully plastic material, on overall looking it has a good appearance.

Charging Case & Earbud Overview

On the Physical overview, the PTron bassbuds pro having a USB Type-C charging port at the rear side of charging case. After opening the Charging case, it has LCD display showing, the available battery Percentage, right & left charging indication. It’s a magnetic charging case so earbuds newer fall from the charging case.

Then moving on to the earbud. The earbud has a notification LED indicator, touch sensor path, and Charging connector. On wearing the earbud, it simply smooth & comfort. The earbud fits comfortably into the ears even waking, running & Shaking my heads. But as already said, it very tiny so some may face earbud wobbly condition in ears. So, it always feels me that, when the earbud is fallen down from my ear but it does not fall down.

How its Earbuds Touch Controls

Next in terms of earbud touch controls, here I really wondered. The PTron Bassbuds Pro touch sensor is very sensitive, responsive & smooth. Touching the sensor controls are likely scrolling the mouse. It never gives slighter pain to the ears. Specifically playing a song, attending a call are hassle free with a help of single tap on any one earbud. Similarly, it has more controls option right from the earbud but as like predecessor it doesn’t support to control volumes in earbud.

Earbuds Functions

Play/Pause & Attend/Disconnect Calls – Single tap on any one Earbud.

Next Song play – Double tap on Right Earbud.

Previous Song play – Double-tap on Left Earbud.

To activate Google Assistant/Apple Siri – Triple tap on any one earbud.

Note: Volume Control Option not supported

How its Connectivity

The pro version earbud automatically turns on & Off after placing & taking into the charging case.  Connecting the PTron bassbuds pro is actually hassle free. For instance, if an earbud paired and a second one will pair each other even it turned on latterly.

To connect the earbud manually, just tap & hold on each earbud at the same time to pair both earbuds with each other. Similarly, you can use single or both earbuds as per your wish.

How its Music & Call Quality

Its predecessor PTron Bassbuds itself output good audio & call quality in the same vein, the PTron Bass Buds outputs good audio output. All the sounds like bass, vocals & treble are good. It has good sound optimization so, you’ll not feel any rushing sounds also, you can feel the sounds differentiate of bass & vocals. Likewise, talking about the bass sound, don’t expect advanced bass, crystal clear & boom bass. However, it has a good bass for the price it comes. Finally, it’s a budget centric device so, forgiven price is definitely worth and you’ll not disappoint on hearing music on PTron Bassbuds Pro.

Next moving into its call quality, it still manageable to speak calls in the noisy circumstance also. It equips with the microphone on each earbud so, you can speak calls on any earbud at your convenience. Similarly, on speaking calls at peaceable condition, you’ll be more comfortable to speak calls clearly. 

What about its Battery Consumption?

The PTron Bassbuds pro powers with 300mAH battery on the charging case & each earbud having the capacity of 40mAH. In general, any earbud comes with a charging case means you’ll never need to worry about its battery. In the same vein, in terms of battery consumption in PTron Bassbuds pro, you can hear 2 to 3 hours of music a day for up to 3 to 4 days on a single charge of Charging case.

In my case, after fully charged the charging case I’m using 3 to 4 hours a day & continued using for last three days. Now the charging case has 14% of battery & both earbuds are fully charged. Therefore, it still managed to play one more day. Similarly, the charging case is chargeable through USB Type-C port but it takes more than an hour to full the 300mAH Charging case. Finally, in terms of battery, it will be perfect for you and it more reliable.

PTron Bassbuds Pro – Pros & Cons


  • Best Price
  • Charging Case & Earbud are very compact.
  • LCD Display Indicator on charging case
  • Earbud Charging indication
  • Earbud touch sensitivity is accurate.
  • Earbud fitting into ear is comfort.
  • Truly In-ear Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Charging case with USB Type-C port.
  • Good Audio & Call Quality
  • Good battery.


  • No Volume Controls on Earbud
  • Earbud slightly wobbly in ears due to very tiny earbuds. (I Feel When it falls down but it never down)
  • No Advanced, Dedicated bass sounds (Compromised for Price)

Final Verdict

Overall, after my PTron Bassbuds Pro Full review is my best buy Bluetooth earbud also, a budget premium. The earbud priced for Rs. 1300 and for this price it has many pros so, definitely it will be a game changer in Bluetooth earbuds.