PTron recently launched a PTron Bassbuds In-ear TWS earbuds in a budget price segment. The Ptron bass buds priced for Rs. 1100 via Amazon now in this article I explored PTron bassbuds unboxing & full review based on my insights. I have used these Bluetooth earbuds are as my primary device for a week to find the PTron bassbuds pros & cons. So, let’s check with me on how the PTron Bassbuds Bluetooth earbuds perform in terms of music, call, comfort, design & user experience. 

PTron Bassbuds Review – Youtube Video

PTron Bassbuds Specification

The PTron bassbuds in based on in-ear bluetooth earbuds with bluetooth V5.0 support and it has a connection range of upto 10m. It made of plastic material, designed in black color. This PTron bassbuds come with charging case and a pair of earbud. The Charging case has 400mAH battery chargeable through micro USB port and each earbud powers with 50mAH battery.

Similarly, the earbud equips with 10mm driver unit and a microphone built-in on each earbud. It supports to connect with all Apple devices, Android phones, Tablets & other Bluetooth enabled devices. Finally, the PTron bassbuds priced for Rs. 1100 via Amazon India. 

PTron Bassbuds Unboxing

After unboxing, the PTron Bassbuds contains the following accessories, 

  • Charging Case
  • Pair of Earbud
  • Micro USB cable
  • Pair of Eartips
  • User Manual


Charging case overview

PTron bassbuds comes with earbud along with Charging case. Both are completely made of plastic material. Firstly, viewing on the charging case, it compacts to hold into the palm. It designed in black color throughout while, the charging case lid is designed like transparent. However, it looks like less durability and likely, it may be supposed to broke, I think.

On the Physical appearance, the charging case on the front equips with four led lights to recognize the charging level. The charging level is measured by, if single LED glows means 0 to 25% charge, two LED glows means 25% to 50% charge and so on…
The rear side of charging case, equips with Micro USB port for charging the device. Similarly, it powers with 400mAH battery. Overall, the charging case looks good, compact, nice texture feeling. But you have to compromise on the Charging case lid (door) since it made, plastic with less durability so, long term usage may be uncertain.

Earbud overview

Next, moving on to the earbuds, it looks in good design having a ring light effect on the earbud but not light and each earbud having a 50mAH battery. Firstly, in terms of fitment, this earbud comfortly fit into the ears. Similarly, the PTron earbud not designed with a ear hook support even also, it never falls down from my ear on running, traveling & shaking my heads.  Likewise, there is no more pain in ears on wearing this earbud even though accessing the physical buttons on the earbuds.

Taking about its buttons, the PTron bassbuds come with Multi function Button control on each earbud. The button access is good, it needs low pressure to press the buttons. As said already, it never gives more pain to ears when pressing earbud buttons on wearing. In the same vein, this earbud gives me good experience on play/pause, switching to previous/next songs and attending & rejecting the calls.

How to use Earbud

This earbud come with single MFB on each, using this button you can play/pause music, switch to previous/next songs. Also, attend, disconnect and reject the calls.

  • Play/Pause – Single tap on any earbud.
  • Next/Previous song – Double tap on any one earbud.
  • Attend/disconnect calls – Single tap on any one earbud.
  • Reject calls – Long press any one earbud while receiving calls.
  • Activate Google Assistant – Long press any one earbud.

But this earbud doesn’t support for volume control so, to controls the volume you have to use your mobile phone only. However, instead you can use Google Assistant to control volumes by giving following commands via a earbud.

Decrease the Volume,

Increase the Volume,

Decrease the Volume to Minimum,

Increase the Volume to Maximum,

Mute the Volume,

As per telling the above commands via Google Assistant will really helps you to control the volumes in hazzle-free without taking mobile phones. 

Audio & Call Quality

Now in terms of audio quality, I really enjoyed a lot on hearing music’s on this earbud. This earbud had good sound optimization feature, having a frequency response rate from 20Hz to 20KHz.

It optimizes the sound clarity on output even on higher frequency at high volume. The vocals are crystal clear and you never feel discomfort on hearing music via this earbud. Similarly, in terms of bass effects you’ll not expect advanced tiny bass sounds however, it still produces a good decent bass sound. The difference between the vocal & bass sounds will be clearly feels. Overall, in terms of music quality you’ll not be disappointed and it worthy for the price given.
On call quality, each earbud equipped with microphone and off course the microphone quality is very good. So, speaking calls through this earbud has no issue even on the noisy circumstances.


In terms of battery, the Charging case has 400mAH and each earbud having 50mAH battery. Once the 50mAH drained also, you can refill the earbud charge via charging case for 4 to 5 times. Likewise, on full charge in earbud will gives you a 4 to 5 hours of continued music playback. Therefore, battery will not be an issue at any time and it gives you a extraordinary battery life.

Final Verdict

The PTron Bassbuds priced for Rs. 1100 around and it available for sale via Amazon. In my point of view, this earbud verdict is “One of Best Earbud in Budget”. This earbud comes with many pros and few cons.


  • Design Good on looking.
  • Earbud fit on ears are comfortable.
  • Earbud button functions are free.
  • Audio Quality at best.
  • Good Call quality.
  • Battery Life is Good.
  • Affordable Price Segment.


  • Charging Case lid looks less durable.
  • No Volume control option.

The above 2 cons can be compromised because of the price of PTron bassbuds offered. Finally, this is my full review of PTron Bassbuds Bluetooth earbud. PTron has done a very good job on this earbud. If you’re like to buy an earbud around Rs. 1000 means, definitely take a look on to this to try.


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