PTron is a brand launch Bluetooth earphones, earbuds in an affordable price range for the budget consumers. They have recently launched the PTron Bassbuds Urban Bluetooth earbuds in India which is a line up of PTron Bassbuds Pro (Review) & PTron Bassbuds (Review) earbuds. Now here I have done a newly launched PTron Bassbuds Urban Bluetooth earbuds full review including with its pros & cons. I actually use this product, PTron Bassbuds Urban for the past 1 week so based on my experience I like to share my view through this review post…

PTron Bassbuds Urban Unboxing – What’s Inside the Box?

After Unboxing the PTron Bassbuds Urban earbuds you’ll get the following accessories,

  • PTron Bassbuds Urban Bluetooth earbuds (Charging case + Earbud)
  • Micro USB cable (Short Length)
  • Two Pair Eartips excluding the one in the Earbud.
  • User manual

PTron Bassbuds Urban Overview

This is how the PTron Bassbuds Urban Bluetooth Earbuds looks like,

On the very first viewing, its design is Unique it comes with a flip-type like a method on opening the charging case. The whole product including the Charging case & earbuds is completely made of plastic material. However, the front side door of a charging case looks like leather built but NO it also, a plastic built-in.

The PTron Bassbuds Urban charging case has this time much bulky than the PTron Bassbuds Pro model but it still compact to hold on into your palm. Now on the physical overview, it has a charging indicator on the front side at the left which shows the actual battery available in the charging case. Need to point out that, the earlier PTron Bassbuds pro has come with an LED display.

Then at the left, a rope is given to hold the charging case or to hangover somewhere, and on right, the micro USB port is given for charging this Charing case. Likewise, this time PTron brings the micro USB connectivity for PTron Bassbuds Urban instead of Type-C like in the PTron Bassbuds Pro model.

And, at the top side, dual LED’s given which lights up when you place the earbud on the Charging case. Also, the LED will stop lighting when the earbud is completely charged. Similarly, when you place the earbud only the Charging case battery will be shown.

Next moving on to the Earbuds, which also made of plastic and this time designed well compared to plain earbuds design on the PTron Bassbuds Pro. And the PTron Bassbuds Urban earbuds are designed with touch control with 70% of touch area instead of 100% like Bassbuds Pro. Also, the earbud has the PTron branding and each earbud is mentioned with L & R and dedicated microphone support.

On wearing, as, like PTron Bassbuds Pro, it also more comfortable to wear it’s a narrow type earbud so it was suitable for users having small size ears. However, the earbud comfort completely depends upon the ear’s size so you have to choose the right ear tips based on your ears size for perfect fitment. But for mine, it comfortably fits into the ears and it’s an In-ear type earbud. 

This earbud comes with touch operation to manage all functions like Play/Pause, Attend/Disconnect calls, switch next/previous songs and also, Increase/Decrease volume. So, the PTron Bassbuds Urban has come with all function controls including Assistant activation right from the earbud itself.

Here is “How to Manage Touch Function”

  • Double-tap on any earbud – Play/Pause Music & Attend/Disconnect calls
  • Triple-tap on Right earbud – Next Song
  • Triple-tap on Left earbud – Previous song or starting from the song.
  • Touch & Hold – Google Assistant/Apple Siri activation.
  • Touch & Hold on call receiving – Reject calls
  • Single tap slowly

PTron Bassbuds Urban Connectivity

The PTron Bassbuds Urban supported with Bluetooth v5.0 has the connectivity option. It is suitable for both single & dual-mode earbud paring automatically & instantly. So you can you both earbuds or single earbuds at your choice.

Likewise, it has auto turning ON & goes to pairing mode when you have taken out from the charging case. If you already paired, it automatically connected to the previously connected devices. Also, you can connect to all devices like Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablets, and other devices, etc. In terms of connection range, it works at the best on hearing songs & speaking calls even on leaving a mobile in one room & moved to other rooms, also. 

PTron Bassbuds Urban Audio & Call Quality

In terms of audio quality, this time PTron Bassbuds Urban has outputs stereo sound effects also, it has good bass, vocal on hearing using kinds of music. Then this earbud supported to increase volumes right from the earbud so increasing the volumes on both earbud & mobile phone at maximum means that time it lags in sound optimization which means the vocals are not clear slightly. Therefore, it recommendable to hear songs at 70% to 80% of the volume for the best hearing experience. 

It has the stereo sound effects so you can feel the sounds hearing on the left & right earbud dedicatedly for the supported songs. But I can’t feel the switching of songs from the right to left earbud on hearing music & playing games. Likely on playing games like PUBG it quite better you can able to hear sounds commonly on both earbuds with good latency timing. 

Overall, on hearing music through this PTron Bassbuds Urban will give you a good feel on hearing music. Then on call quality, it still manages to speak calls in the direct air sound also, and in-door you can speak calls clearly and the opposite one can able to hear your voices clearly. But this earbud doesn’t have the active noise cancellation so the opposite one can able to hear all sounds at your background. 

PTron Bassbuds Urban Battery

The PTron Bassbuds Urban comes with a Charging case that has 400mAH of battery and each earbud powered with 50mAH of battery. The Charging case is chargeable through a micro USB port and the earbud can be charged once you place the earbud into the charging case. 

In terms of battery consumption, it indeed gives you 1 week of music playback if you’re used to hearing music per day with about 2 hours. So in the PTron Bassbuds Urban battery is not an issue even though you continuously hearing music, also it allows you to hear music for up to 5 hours of music playback on each earbud on a single charge. However, you can refill the earbuds charge again for up to 4 times through the charging case which has 400mAH battery. So approximately you can hear songs up to 20 hours continuously on the single full charge of the charging case. 

PTron Bassbuds Urban Pros & Cons


  • Good Design
  • Dedicated Indication for actual battery in the Charging case.
  • Comfort Fitment (In-Ear Type Earbud)
  • Carrying rope.
  • Touch Controls
  • Touch sensitivity is Good
  • All Touch Functions
  • Good Bass, Vocals, and better stereo effects.
  • Battery Consumption is Good.
  • Worth than Price


  • Stereo Sounds need to improve.
  • No Gaming mode (Compromised for Price)
  • Type-C skipped compared to PTron Bassbuds Pro
  • No Display on Charging case compared to PTron Bassbuds Pro

Final Verdict

Finally, the PTron Bassbuds Urban priced for Rs. 1300 through Amazon India and it’s one of the best buy budget premium Bluetooth earbuds with all loaded features. What your saying guys about this PTron Bassbuds Urban let me know in the comments section below, 

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