Now a days more smartphones coming with best specification in budget segment itself, in this 80% are Android based smartphones only, users counting also increasing, as well as internet usages also increases among users, now users communicating each other via internet itself using many popular messaging application like Whatsapp, Wechat, ..etc. now these post explain about the upcoming android default messaging application upgrade by google, RCS ( Rich Communication Services).

Rich communication services is an upgrade for an SMS messaging application, that allow users to group chat via internet, video calling, typing indicators, read receipts and share high resolution images and videos as like iMessage service.
This upgrade allows users to sent & receive text messages using network carrierss well as chat over wifi. The rich communication services is the communication between the phone and carrier and between mobile carriers. It’s aim to replace SMS messaging with a text messaging system that is richer and more interactive to user experience.

Now Google messages & Samsung messages working for RCS feature to replace the default messaging service in android smartphones, already rich communication feature service in enabled in higher end samsung smartphones Note 9, S8 Plus and more to be enabled, also carrier support is more important in working with RCS feature, currently in India JIO & Telenor only having RCS feature support.

How it Works

When this feature will roll out the user need to register with his mobile number in default message application initially as like whatsapp, if the both end user registered with RCS enabled messaging application they can chat each other as like we chat in whatsapp, if the user is not registered with RCS messaging feature means an text messages will send through network using carrier support.

When it Roll out

Google working on this for quick roll out but this feature rolls out need everyone support like mobile carrier, mobile manufacturer ( OEM ), operating system and users need to upgrade to this feature, this will take more time but Google working with all carriers & OEM through out the world to enable this feature as soon as possible.