Realme announced the Realme 50W super VOOC Flash charger for sale, it price for Rs. 1699 and it can be available to buy from Realme introduced the 50W fast charging technology on the Realme X2 Pro its a first flaghip mobile from realme. The Realme X2 Pro powers with 4000mAH battery supported with 50W super VOOC flash charging support. It will charge a 4000mAH battery in 35 minutes with a help of Realme 50W charger. 
The Realme 50W super VOOC charger also, supported for other realme mobile phone having a support of super VOOC flash charging technology. Therefore, in addition, to Realme X2 Pro mobile you can also, use in Realme X2, Realme XT, Realme X, and so on. However, the charging speed will revised based on the standard supported charging speed for each mobile. For instance, for Realme X2 Pro the 50w charger charges in real 50W power likewise, when charging a 50W charger to Realme X2 means it supports ony 30W powers since the Realme X2 supports only 30W super VOOC flash charging support. 
Realme 50W charger will be available for sale in for a price of Rs. 1699 it comes with 100cm wire length of USB Type-C cable, combined with VCU smart control chip so the super VOOC charger can able to manage current, voltage, and temperature in real-time for fast & safe charging.