Realme will show ads in all realme smartphones UI which runs on Color OS v6.0 & above version. However, earlier, two years back Redmi has shown ads in their smartphones in MIUI. Similarly, in the same vein, Realme now starts showing ads in their UI in the name of content recommendations. 

Realme Ads in UI 

Regarding this Realme says,

We have introduced commercial content recommendation in the OS. realme phones with Color OS 6 and above will receive such recommendation updates. We encourage you to update the system timely to enjoy a better operating experience and receive latest android security patches. 

Content Recommendations will promote apps and links. The content recommendations in the OS will appear will appear in two places – the phone manager app and the security check page after installing new apps. It will also ensure protection of your privacy and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. 

Realme has always been committed to provide our users a friendly experience and have given you the option to turn off content recommendation with a single click in settings. 

How to Disable Ads?

As like Xiaomi, Realme also given an option to turn of the content recommendation also, known a Ads. To disable the ads on realme smartphones, 

  • Go to settings
  • Then, Additional Settings
  • Here, tap on Get Recommendations.
  • Now, just turn off that toggle option.
  • That’s it. 
However, the ads will starts showing in the realme smartphone with Color OS running version 6.0 and above. Similarly, ads still not shown into the realme smartphones but, it will start to shown in the upcoming OTA updates.