Realme recently launched its first Smart band in the name of Realme Band its a Smart band with fitness tracking, other smartwatches related features. Realme designed this Realme band in three color variants Green, Black & Yellow. They priced this Realme band for Rs. 1500 and available for sale through Amazon India. Now here I come with Realme Band review with its Pros & Cons based on my insights. As I already using this device for a couple of days so here I explore Realme band features, how to set up & my experience on using this band. 

What’s Inside the box

Firstly, let’s find What’s inside the box. After opening the box it contains,

  • Realme Band
  • User Manual, Warranty details. 

Realme Band First Impression & Overview

On the first impression, I really liked the realme band, it actually very lite in weight having a 20g of total product weight. Then it sleek & lite and compact on wearing the Realme band into my wrist. Likewise, the Realme band has lot of adjustment holes on the strap so, it will suitable for all types of wrist sizes. Then to be noted that the Realme band free loop available on the strap has come with small lock support which actually locked into the adjustment holes on the realme band strap so it becomes further comfortable on wearing. Therefore, no auto-removal of strap from the free loop. 

overall on wearing the Realme band it gives the stylish, smart & simple-looking wearables on the hand. Now on the physical overview, the realme band is made of plastic & rubber material. The strap is used by rubber material and the display holding central block outer is made of plastic. It gives stylish gradient colors with Grey & Black. 
The display has a 0.96-inch size based on the IPS LCD panel beneath that the touch button is located. The touch button has two function like single tap & touch & hold. To move on to the next, next interface single tap on the touch button and to select each category touch & hold the button. Similarly, the touch response rate is good it activates each option instantly on the soft-touch itself. And behind the display, the Heart Rate sensor is located and finally, it has a USB connector port on the top side of the display. To view the connector port you’ve to remove the strap on the top side from the display. 

How to Set Up?

Firstly, to boot the Realme Band you have to connect the connector port into charging. Once the Realme Band powered into charging the band started to power ON automatically. Now, you’ve to install a “Realme Link” application from the Google Play Store. 

  • After installing the application, open the Realme Link application and tap on add a device & choose Realme Band from Smart Band tab.
  • Now to pair your Realme Band & Realme Link app you have to touch & hold the touch button on the Realme Band during the indication. 
  • Once you done. That’s it. 

After pairing the realme band with realme link application. This is how the user interface of Realme Band looks like in realme link application. 

Realme Band Features

The Realme Band is more suitable for sportsman since it comes with 9 sports mode & having a fitness record tracking for each day in the realme link application. The realme link saves the daily record of heart rate monitoring, sleep timing recorded, total steps were taken on each day, how many calories burned like these all fitness tracking is stored date wise on each day. Therefore, it will be most useful for fitness & sportsperson to track, monitor & to compare their daily activities. 

It has a 9 different sports mode to track the fitness like Cricket, Walk, Run, Yoga, Hiking, Bike, Fitness, Climbing, and Spinning. Now out of 9 sports mode, you can select 3 sports mode has favorite to used to start workout right from the Realme band itself. Also, you can start the workout from the main page of realme link app and here you can set the workout target like whether you need Running Distance, Workout Period and Calories Burned. 
Apart from fitness tracking it has lot of features for general users like,

Watch Face:

You can change the Watch face of Realme band from the settings option in Realme band UI in realme link application. Currently, it has five unique watch face also, more watch face will be available in the future update. 

Then it has an option to enable the Incoming call alert in realme band, Idle Alert, Alarm Clock, Drink remainder, Raise to Wakeup feature, Display Brightness control, Screen rotation (Portrait & Landscape) and DND mode. The Realme Band also has a  Message Notification feature so it will be notified with all apps installed on your phone. But the thing is you can’t able to view multiple notifications at a time. So the Realme bands support to view single notification at a time whether a notification is a message or anything else. 

Heart Rate Monitor

The Realme Band comes with heart rate sensor located at the display behind. It has Auto & manual mode on the Auto mode it measures the Heart rate for every 5 mins automatically. On switching into Manual mode, you can measure the heart rate by manually based on your wish right from the band in menu options. Also, using the manual mode will further increase the battery life. But on the Auto mode, using the realme link app it records the Heart rate for every 5 mins & store it in daily basic. Therefore, it most useful feature for heart patients to monitor the actual heart rate every 5 mins also, compare the heart rate between each day. Similarly, the Realme band shows the day wise Minimum, Maximum, Average & Resting Heart rate.

Realme Band Battery

The Realme Band powers with 90mAH rechargeable battery it chargeable through USB port directly to the computer USB port, Power banks port or any USB port directly. To Charge the Realme Band you’ve to remove the band strap on the top side of display and just connect the connector port into USB port for Charging.

In terms of battery consumption, on regular usage including app notification, Auto Heart rate monitor, regular workout fitness track means it will give you 3 to 4 days of battery backup. Or if you use the realme band only for app notifications, and switching heart rate measure into manual mode means it definitely gives you one week of battery backup. Also, charging this device is a hassle and to complete the full charge it takes around 1 hour. 

Realme Band Pros & Cons


  • Design is Good & Stylish on Wearing.
  • Good Comfort & Lite in Weight.
  • Lock on Free Loop gives further comfort & suitable for all Wrist sizes.
  • Best Fitness Band for Sportsperson.
  • Realme link App saves regular record of Heart Rate, Workouts, Calories burned, Steps taken in daily basic.
  • Features Loaded
  • Direct USB Charging so, need of additional cables to charge.


  • Display based on LCD panel so, on direct sunlight or in more ambient lighting surrounding the display is not that much viewable. 
  • Not able to view all notifications at a time. For Instance, if multiple messages received at a time means using the Realme band you can view only the latest message and other messages are dismissed. 
  • Display not awake on receiving new notification (Consideration)
  • Realme Link App not supported for iOS
  • Caller ID not showing on Incoming call notification.
  • Date Note Showing in this band. (It’s more essential for a watch)

Realme Band Final Verdict

The Realme Band priced for Rs. 1500 and is available through Amazon India. For this price range, it definitely still a worth product and if you guys wish to buy a smart band and you’re most interested in sports & physique then Realme band is one of the best buy options. Eventhough it has few consideration & cons because of this price range you can go for it however, this Realme band has many pros like good design, lite weight, loads of features, dedicated realme link app which has the all statistical records of all your workouts to monitor your performance. So overall it still a good buy option only if you’re willing to buy a smart band.