Realme Buds Earphone Unboxing & Review – Is this Affordable for Rs. 500? – Tanglish Version

Realme brand last year November month la Realme U1 smartphone launch pannanga athodave first time ah Realme Buds & Backpack nu two accessories products release pannanga ana appo sale start pannala. Ippo konja days munnadi Realme company RealmeYoDays nu new offer days start pannanga athala Realme U1 Gold Edition, Realme Earbuds & Backpack sale ah start panratha sollirunthanga. Now entha article la Realme Buds earphone sound quality epdi erukku apdindratha tha solli erukom,

Realme Buds packaging small size la yellowish color la erukku, box open panna Realme buds, user guide, earphoneoda serthu 3 pair ear tips kuduthurukanga. Next firstu like pannathu enna na earphone-built quality, why means earphone wire ah braided cable la manufacture pannirukanga. Braided cable na Kevlar fiber materiala ready pannirukanga athanala cable avlo seekiram damage agathu athumattum illama fiber la ready pannathala connectivity fast ah erukkum, connection break agathu. Pakrathukkum high quality ah feel agum, intha materiala earphone wire two buds separate agara varaikkum mattum tha use pannirukanga, athuku apram rubber material use pannirukanga.

Braided Cable


Controls with 3-Buttons

Normal Headphone mathiri illama ithala 3 buttons erukkura controls kuduthurukanga (+, -, O) ethumuliyama + button ah volume increase and same button ah press pannite eruntha next song play agum, athe mathiri’tha – button’kum. Aduthu center button ah play/pause and call attend/disconnect use panlam. Control buttons konjam hard ah erukku so press panrathuku lite ah difficult’ah erukku, konjam pressure pottu tha press panna vendirukku. Next ear buds la magnetic support erukku so use pannatha time la two earbuds ah magnetic lock panlam, magnetic force’um nalla effective’ah erukku.


Realme Buds Earphones

Realme earbuds Sound quality overall ah nalla erukku hear pannathala antha alavuku perusa entha koraiyum illa but konjam in-depth’ah hear pannumbothu few points are observed. Audio output porutha varaikkum three different sounds produce agum athala minimum sounds (Lower Frequency) ah base nu solvanga. Songs la vara chinna chinna background music than base. Intha earphones la base flat ah eruku clear ah erukku but natural ah illa smooth ah illa and base effect average ah tha erukku. Apram mid-range frequency na medium frequency like human voice, song la vara main audio and higher frequency stereo’nu solvanga. Hear pannumbothu entha two type frequency la perusa entha oru disadvantages’um perusa illa. Higher quality earphones’ la pathingana volume ah evlo increase pannalum higher frequency (Stereo) sound’ah control panni clear’ah na output tharum but Realme Buds’la ithu miss aguthu.

Overall ah intha earphones epdi, worth’ah illayanu pathingana, Realme kudukura price segment’ku worth ah tha erukku, normal users hear pannumbothu onnum anthalavukku difference theriyathu. But music lovers, music la erukkura instruments, bgm’s like pandravangalukku average ana product ah tha erukkum.

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