The smartphone manufacturer Realme started to launch the accessories and they starts with Realme Buds earphones and Realme tech backpack and U1 iconic case on the day of Realme U1 launch and it goes for sale on RealmeYodays. Now, this article will show you the unboxing and review of Realme Buds earphones and we are tested how’s the sound quality that produced in the Realme Buds earphones, let’s move on.

The Realme Buds earphones package comes in compact size and having Realme Buds earphones, 3 pair of ear tips including the earphones and User guide are available inside the box. Then hands on with earphones the first thing we impressed in the earphones is it’s built quality this earphone is made with braided cable that protects the wiring from tear and also, it gives premium look. And when the wire splits into two its changed with rubberized material.

Made of Braided Cable

Magnetic Lock Support

Controls with Realme Branding & Microphone Support

Plus, Minus & Center Button Controls







It has controls with three unique buttons that functions for play or pause the music, increasing and decreasing the volume accordingly also, you can attend the incoming calls through the center button. And here we experienced that accessing the buttons feels tighten and sometimes functions will not work and need to press the buttons with more pressure. Then coming to the ear buds, it has magnetic support that locks two earbuds and it’s working well. The ear tips are designed ergonomically at 45-degree bend that fits perfectly in the ears even for long time usage. And in the ear buds back Realme iconic logo is printed and also, labelled in the controls.


It produces good sounds quality overall for this price segment but going through in-depth and we feel few points while we hearing this earphone for about 2 hours. The base sounds are good and switching of base sounds from one earbud to another are good but still that crystal-clear sound to be improved. The lower frequency sounds are not clear but this will not feel huge difference while hearing and the base sounds are not live that leads to lacks of naturalist. And while hearing higher frequency with maximum volume the earphones fails to optimize the sound and the whole sounds including the base and midranges are rush into the ear and importantly not able to differentiate the base and midranges.

Overall this new product from Realme has give the quite good performance and this earphone are good for normal users that usually hearing just for relaxation and it’s also, worth for this price segment. But this earphone is not recommended for music lovers those who consider to feels each background music.

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