Realme recently launched the Realme Buds Q Bluetooth earbuds its a first in-ear Bluetooth earbuds for Realme. The Realme Buds Q priced for Rs. 1,999 via Amazon Online Shopping. Here I share the Realme Buds Q Unboxing & Full Review with pros & cons. I have used this Realme Buds Q earbud for the past one week so will share its Review based on my experience.

Realme Buds Q Unboxing

This is how the Realme Buds Q package will look like. At the front side of the box, Realme Buds Q image is given and the box rear side some of the highlighted features of Realme Buds Q are mentioned. Well, after unpacked the box it contains the following accessories & products,

  • Realme Buds Q Earbud with Charging Case.
  • Two pairs of ear tips excluding the one pair that already built on the earbud.
  • A small White color Micro USB cable for Charging the Earbud.
  • Finally, a user manual.

Realme Buds Q Overview

Firstly, let me show you how its design at first sight. Actually it comes in three color variants – Black, Yellow & White. I’m currently using the Black color variant is designed in small size and it compact to hold on in single hand into your palm.

The charging case as a mini LED indicator at the front it indicates Red light while charging and turns to Greenlight if the charge is complete. It can be chargeable through a micro USB port that is located at the rear side of the charging case.

But there is no indication for how much actual battery on the charging case. And for earbuds, you can view the actual battery status on the Realme Link application and smartphone Bluetooth settings or at the notification bar.

On the front, Realme branding is there, after opening the charging case, pair of earbuds placed in the charging connector bed and it having magnetic support so the earbud never falls down once placed on the charging case connector bed.

The earbud will be turned on & off automatically once you placed in & taken off from the charging case respectively. Finally, the charging case door is sturdy and it closes and opens flexibly.

Now moving on to the Earbud, it is fully made of plastic material and it is designed in small conical shape for perfect fitting into the ears. Also, it’s an in-eat type earbud and for me, it perfectly, comfortably fits and it never falls down even on walking & jogging and while bike riding in around 40kmph to 50kmph speed. Likewise, on putting helmets also, it never hurts my ears so it super comfortable in terms of fitment into the ear.

Also, in the case of is there any fitment issue try to change the ear tips size to some other size depends upon your ear size. But for mine, the default medium size ear tips are perfect fits.

Then on touch controls, Realme Buds Q designed a small area as touch area in the earbud to access controls like play/pause, next/prev track, attend/disconnect calls like that… Also, to be noted that as usual this Realme Buds Q earbuds also not feature with volume controlling option right from the earbud.

To manage touch operation, you need to tap on the touch area accessing each control. Let’s find out how

  • Double Tap – Play, Pause songs & Attend, Disconnect calls
  • Triple Tap – Next/Prev songs switch, reject calls.
  • Long Press – Google Assistant activated.
  • Long Press on both earbud – Game Mode.

Similarly, you can customize these options as per your wish by interchange the controls through a Realme Link Application.

Now on accessing the touch control of Realme Buds Q earbud is not gives that much good experience for me. Since the touch area is not fully covered at the earbud it’ a small area so while wearing the earbud in the ear and accessing the touch area is not easily accessible. It takes repeated actions to complete the operation commands and some times it does not work as per our wish. For example, if I try to pause the music means it switches to the next song accidentally because of repeated actions.

The touch sensitivity is good enough but not able to access while wearing because of a small touch area. Also, I requesting the brand Realme to bring the single tap feature for the play/pause option because it will slightly give good experience while accessing the controls.


As I said already, the earbud automatically turned ON/OFF once you took from & placed in the charging case respectively. Also, it has an automatic dual-mode & single-mode paring. And you can’t able to connect separate devices on each earbud.

In terms of connection range, here Realme Buds Q not performs well for me. Once I left the device far away like moving to the next room the songs are fluctuating while playing. Similarly, for calls had this same experience.

Audio & Call Quality

Here Realme Buds Q performs very well, the audio quality is really awesome. I feel the booming bass and I enjoyed hearing music a lot in the Realme Buds Q Bluetooth earbud.

It has good sound optimization which controls all sound balanced at any volume conditions. The mixture of lows, mids, and highs are well balanced and you can fell all this sound mixes dedicated’ly on hearing the music via Realme Buds Q. 

In terms of call quality, speaking calls indoor works very well and the opponent can hear your voices easily than on out-door. And during noisy circumstances actually you have to speak louder to make the opponent hear your voices. However, both earbuds having a dedicated microphone built-in but as I already said, the connection range is not that much good so you’ve to keep your smartphone together with earbuds always. 

Battery Consumption

Realme Buds Q powers with 400mAH battery on the Charging case and 40mAH battery on each earbud. So in terms of battery, you never need to bother about it since it gives you 3 to 4 days of battery consumption totally including both Charging case & earbud battery if you hear songs per day 2 hours means.

Likewise, on a complete charge of the earbud, it gives 4 to 5 hours of continuous music playback.  Therefore, battery consumption is not an issue, you just need to charge the Realme Buds Q charging case every 3 to 4 days period. 

Realme Buds Q Pros & Cons


  • Good Audio Quality.
  • Game Mode.
  • Design is decent in look.
  • Battery consumption is well.


  • No Display for actual battery on the Charging case.
  • No indication for Earbud Charging
  • Connection range is bad
  • The touch area is Small so not accessible
  • Touch Functions are misleading.

Finally, the Realme Buds Q is priced for Rs. 1,999 and is available for sale through and amazon. In my point of view, it is worth buying only for Audio quality. Apart from that, you will not get a good experience in accessing touch controls right from the earbud. Well, what your thoughts guys let me know in the comments below,