Realme has recently launched the new mobile accessories in the launch of Realme XT mobile. Earlier, they launched the realme buds (Review) & realme buds 2 which is based on wired connection. But the Realme Buds wireless earphones is the first bluetooth headset from the brand Realme with Bluetooth V5.0 connection support. Now here we brings the Realme Buds wireless review about the audio quality, design, looks, battery, call quality & its features. 

Realme buds wireless earphone is the first bluetooth earphone from the company Realme. It has the unique features compared to other wireless earphones. Likewise, it come with the support of Bluetooth V5.0. Now, lets find out Whats’s inside the Box,

What’s inside Box

The Realme Buds wireless has come in White & Yellow packaging after opening the box it contains following stuffs,

  • Realme Buds wireless paper works
  • Micro USB port
  • Ear tips 3 pair (1 pair attached in earphone)
  • Ear Hooks 1 pair (Attached in earphone)
  • Realme Buds Wireless earphone.

Realme Buds Wireless Review

Built Quality & Connectivity

The realme buds wireless are made up of plastic & metal where the necklace part of the earphone is plastic. Similarly, the two left & right side of controls are metal also, the ear buds are plastic & metal combination.

The magnetic lock portion is made of metal and apart from that, it made up of plastic. Overall, it gives premium feel in look wise and it come in yellow & black color also, it has available in two more colors Red & Green. 

As already, mentioned it has the support of magnetic lock and its force are responsive. Similarly, it has the unique feature in the magnetic lock. When the ear buds are locked it automatically disconnects and when it released it automatically started pairing with previous devices and connected seamlessly. So, in terms of connectivity it really hassle free and more convinient. 

Physical Overview & Features

The realme buds wireless has three remote control buttons which is located on the right side. The buttons are named as plus, center button with realme logo and a minus button. Beneath the buttons it located with notification LED light it glows blue for pairing & red for charging. 

After that, the left side metal part has realme branding then, the realme buds has microphone located at the sides of each buds. It has ear hooks & ear tips inbuilt with the ear buds. 

The remote buttons available at the right side has the unique features like the plus button used for to increase the volume. In addition, on holding the plus button the volume increase continulusly up to the maximum level. Likewise, it has the dame feature for the Minus button. After that, the center button used for play/pause music, answer/reject calls for just tapping the button single time. 

In addition, if the center button pressed continuously for two times it switches to next song and similarly, by tapping three times switch to previous song. Then, by holding the button for 1 sec it activates the Google Assistant also, it supports Apple Siri. 

Realme Buds Wireless Music Quality

Now coming to the core feature, the music quality so far hearing the music for past five hours we concluded the few things. The first thing is it has good sound optimization therefore, it controls the high frequency songs and deliver the smooth audio quality.

The Midtones section in the audio has also good, the vocal are smooth, clear and loudable. In part of Bass tones here also, realme come with the best quality. But one thing we feel and recommend that this realme buds wireless bluetooth earphones are much worthy for low frequency songs than high frequency songs. 

Since, it has the smooth touch in the audio quality even for high frequency songs. Also, the bass tones are also too smooth therefore, the sharpness is missing. Also, the bass tones are not unique so, it mingles with the midtones. We feel the bass tones are not seperately highlights while playing the main vocals in the music.  

Similarly, in terms of call quality as like audio quality the voice call also provide with smooth touch. After that, What I described above are minor observation. Overall, the realme buds wireless bluetooth earphones gives you the good music experience on hearing. It has the main feature sound optimization, audio smoothness, good & clear vocals, and good bass. Also, in addition, this earphone as best other features which gives the good user experience. 

Realme Buds Wireless earphones Price

The realme buds wireless earphones are sold through & which priced for Rs. 1,799. Around this price range we have other bluetooth earphones in consideration like Mi Neck Band, Wings Bluetooth earphone, PTron Bluetooth earphones and JBL. We let check this earphones with the above competitors and show you which is best. 

Meanwhile, if the existing price is worth for the money means I would like to say that based on Realme Buds Wireless Review if it cost for around Rs. 1,500 it could be definitely worthable.