Realme XT launch date in India confirmed on 13th September

Realme XT launch date in India confirmed on 13th September

Realme Chief Executive Officer earlier announced officially that will launch new series so-called Realme XT which will be the Quad Camera Xpert with 64MP primary camera. Also, it supposed to be an upgrade or successor of Realme X mobile which launched recently. Presently, the Realme XT launch date in India officially commenced on 13th September at 12 noon. 

Realme XT launch India

Earlier, the brand explore the 64MP camera phone in the Quad Camera event. They showcased and explains about the 64MP camera mobile which will be launch in the upcoming Reame mobiles. 

Now in the recent launch of Realme 5 series the brand CEO has officially made an announcement at the launch event that a new series of Quad Camera with 64MP will launch by september end. Also, he opens up the model name of upcoming series so-called Realme XT

Similarly, during the quad-camera launch event the brand CEO announced the 64MP camera phone will be launched before Diwali festival in Realme, Pro & X series mobiles. So far, the brand launched the Quad camera-equipped mobile in Realme series so-called Realme 5 & similarly, on the Realme 5 Pro in the Pro series. And remaining in X series will need to launch in the Quad Camera setup.

Meanwhile, after the announcement of Realme XT in Realme 5 series launch and announcement made earlier will be confirmed that Realme XT will be the upgrade of Realme X. Also, the brand is following OnePlus by launching T series as a performance upgrade. 

Realme XT expectation

So far, we can expect a flagship processor, POP-UP design camera, Full View AMOLED display, In-Screen fingerprint and finally, 64MP quad-camera from Realme XT.

Moreover, the Realme Global CEO hints that Realme upcoming device will be powered by Snapdragon 855+ flagship processor in the recent interview.

Therefore, the realme XT will be the best upgrade from Realme X and if the price goes below 30K it will be even competitive to other brands like Redmi, OnePlus, Oppo & Vivo. Let’s see…

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