Redmi Earbuds S Bluetooth Earbud Review with Pros & Cons

Redmi has recently launched the Redmi Earbuds S Bluetooth earbuds feature with a 300mAH of charging case and 43mAH of battery on each earbud. This is a Redmi’s first Bluetooth earbud product now here I share the Redmi Earbuds S full review with pros and cons. I’m using this Redmi Earbuds S for the past 1 week so based on my personal insights I share all about this Redmi Bluetooth Earbud. 

Redmi Earbuds S Unboxing

This is how the Redmi Earbuds S package has looked, after unboxing it contains the following accessories,

  • Redmi Earbuds with Charging Case
  • 3 Pair of Eartips (One included in the earbuds)
  • User manual

Also, to be noted that this Redmi Earbud S not provided any micro USB cable to charge the Charging case in the package. 

Redmi Earbuds S Charging Case Overview

The Redmi Earbuds S model charging cases are designed in the Black color variant fully and it built-on plastic material. Also, the plastic used in this charging case is really good and the finish is nice having the soft feel at the top and a rough texture at the bottom side. On the physical overview, at the front side is equipped with invisible LED light and it can be visible only when connected the charging case to the power. Then on the rear side, a micro USB port is given. 

After opening the charging case a pair of earbuds laid on the charging connector bed and it supported with a magnetic lock so once you placed the earbuds into the charging case it never fall down. Overall, the Redmi Earbuds S charging case as good built quality, compact on holding, and look wise it almost Premium. 

Redmi Earbuds S Earbud Overview

This earbud is also, designed in black color, and it built-on plastic material. Now on the physical appearance, the earbud is designed alike inclined position on the ear tip side for perfect holding into the ears. This earbud comes with a function of button type control and having an in-visible light notification so it can be viewable on charging the earbud and each earbud has dedicated microphone in-built and then connector port equipped at the rear side. 

The Earbud has a button function like you can play/pause music, attending/disconnecting calls by a single tap on any one of the earbuds. Then on the double-tap, it activated the Google Assistant and triple-tap enables the gaming mode which reduces the latency to 122ms. Likewise, to be informed that this Redmi Earbud S model not supported with the next song switching and volume control option. so you have to use your smartphone to manage these options. 

In terms of fitment, these earbuds comfortably fit into the ear and it never hurt your ear. Likewise, the earbud never falls down even on running, jogging, and shaking my heads fastly. But while accessing the button controls while wearing the earbud it slightly hurts because of the tough access on the button. 

Redmi Earbuds S Connectivity

The Redmi Earbuds S will connect easily and seamlessly into your mobiles. To connect, you just need to take off the earbud from the charging case after that, it automatically turned ON and goes to the pairing mode. Similarly, this Redmi Earbuds S model feature with automatic dual & single-mode paring instantly so based on your wish whether you can use single or dual earbud and the switching from single earbud to dual earbud connecting is seamless. Redmi Earbuds S will connect through Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity and it pairs on all almost all devices having a Bluetooth connection and all operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. 

How it’s Audio Quality on Redmi Earbuds S

The Redmi Earbuds S equipped with 10mm of driver unit so while hearing audio on this earbud I actually feel energetic especially on the bass sounds. The Redmi Earbuds S produce Live & Energetic bass sound and its capable output good quality sounds at all frequency. It has a good sound optimization feature which means this earbud is qualified for hearing music at all frequencies in higher & lower volumes. At any of this frequency, this Redmi Earbuds S produces good and smooth vocals. Similarly, it has good differences between the vocals and bass perfectly. 

Then this Redmi Earbuds S has dedicated gaming mode which reduces the latency to 122ms so after activating the gaming mode it gives me good experiences on playing games like pubg. You can able hear all sounds in the PubG game like loading, changing of games, footsteps of strangers, gunshot sound on each earbud dedicatedly based on the left/right side on the left/right earbud, respectively. Overall I really loved hearing the music through Redmi Earbuds S and I hope no one will get disappointed after hearing music on this earbud. 

Redmi Earbuds S Battery

The Redmi Earbuds S Bluetooth earbud comes with a 300mAh of battery on the charging case and each earbud as 43mAH of battery. It can be chargeable through the micro USB port and in the package no micro USB cable is included. On a single charge of an earbud, it gives 3 to 4 hours of continuous music playback, and on the single charge of charging case is able to refill both earbuds up to 4 times. For example, if you hear songs 2 hours per day means it approximately gives me almost one week of music playback. That is almost enough for a user. So in terms of battery consumption, this Redmi Earbuds S is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds as I reviewed these days. 

Redmi Earbuds S Pros & Cons


  • Good Design, Compact Size.
  • Comfort-Fit on ears. 
  • Audio Quality Good.
  • Battery consumption is well.
  • Latency is good while playing games like PUBg



  • No Next Song switch function on the earbud button control.
  • No Volume control, similarly. 
  • No LED indication or dedicated display to show the actual battery on the charging case.
  • Multi devices are not supported. 
  • Click Buttons are slightly tough.

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