Samsung had created the best trend in the Galaxy M & Galaxy A series and the consumers are now preferred this series smartphones almost equally as like flagship Galaxy S & Note series. However, the Samsung Flagship series are famous in earlier days now, in addition, the Galaxy M & Galaxy A series are to be in the part. In the same vein, the Galaxy M series & Galaxy A series design are moved into next level specifically on the display side. 

Samsung Galaxy A & Galaxy M series Display

Samsung launched the first product of this year with Galaxy M10 & Galaxy M20 smartphones and these are under budget-oriented mobiles. While compared to previous years Samsung has improved a lot in the design department. They mainly redesigned the display by bringing the Notch display with super AMOLED panel to all smartphones in Galaxy M & Galaxy A series from budget to premium mobiles.


Similarly, for flagship mobiles, Samsung introduced the punch-hole display for the placement of front camera module. However, it has first implemented in India by Honor in the Honor View 20 smartphone. But Samsung continued using the punch-hole displays in their flagship phones like Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus & Galaxy Note 10 series. But in addition, Samsung implemented the dual selfie camera in the punch-hole display itself on the Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone. Also, Samsung tried and introduced the punch-hole display on the Galaxy M40 smartphone which is a midrange device. 

Galaxy A & M series 2020 Display Design

After, the tremendous growth on the Galaxy A & Galaxy M series, now Samsung Galaxy A & M series 2020 display design got revealed. Samsung has further reduced the notch size from the predecessors, relocated the notch area on the display and moved the tiny notch around the corner. The new notch design further increases the display screen to body ratio than predecessor Galaxy A & M series smartphones. Also, it seems to be there will be a reduced bezels & chins. 

As per the speculations, the Samsung Galaxy M series & Galaxy A series 2020 display design will be like as shown below. Let’s see what’s happens in coming days so, stay tuned to get updated.