The Samsung Galaxy A50 (Review) update received latest June month security patch update. In addition, few features enabled which are not mentioned in the update log. It comes to know that, it has dedicated night mode, Super Slow-Mo video recording, QR code features, and bug fixes.

The update package size is 422.82MB with the version of A505FDDU2ASF2. Also, the Google security patch updated to 1 June 2019. The update hides the camera features of dedicated Night mode & Super Slow motion in video recording.

In order to enable the features, just reset the camera application once & restart again. It can be done by just going to application > System application > Camera then reset or clear storage. After that, open the camera application now you’ll see the dedicated night mode feature button. And on switching to video recording it has the option for Super Slow-Mo button at the center.


The Samsung Galaxy A50 super night scene mode works well. The night scene brightness, noise, and highlights are significantly improved. Samsung actually releases this function to the mid-range device as soon as possible. Similarly, the dedicated night mode is also enabled for Samsung Galaxy Note9, S9 & S10 plus (Review) devices too.

On comparing these below pictures between night mode & without night mode. The picture has more brightness and also have enough details. It enough for viewing the details even zooming the picture to 2X digital. Meanwhile, the color reproduction also good see the tree color it shows the greenish color even capturing at night.

The night mode feature increases the shutter timing to capture more lights to the sensor. It actually captures the picture for almost 3-seconds this time help the sensor to receive lights from the subjects. Also, noticed that it has No noise in the images even zoom in the pictures.

Also, the Galaxy A50 has a new feature in the QR code scanning. Now it uses the default camera application to scan a QR code. Therefore, using the Bixby application for scanning will no longer available. 

Galaxy A50 Camera Specs

It has a triple rear camera with 25MP Primary camera at F/1.7 larger aperture. Combined with 8MP Ultra-wide-angle lens at F/2.2 aperture with 123-degree field of view and 5-megapixel, f/2.2 aperture for portraits. The Galaxy A50 camera has featured with Live focus which helps for background blur, AR Emoji, Scene Optimizer. It has the support of recording video in Slow-motion, Time-Lapse & Ultra-Wide Video recording.

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