Samsung Galaxy S11 series is an upcoming flagship launch on mid of February. However, it’s info & leaks are revealed earlier about its display size & color options. Likewise, now it confirmed the Samsung will adopt the 120Hz screen refresh rate technology to displays. So, regarding this, a setting page of 120Hz switch mode got revealed on social. The settings options features shows the optimized screen refresh rate that switches automatically from normal 60Hz display to 120Hz screen refresh based on the content displayed on the screen. 
Samsung 120Hz Screen Refresh rate

Last year Samsung introduced the 90Hz screen refresh rate technology on the AMOLED displays and it firstly equipped on the Oneplus 7 Pro smartphone. Similarly, the 90Hz screen refresh rate comes to ASUS ROG Phone, Xiaomi CC9 Pro and now the latest launch of Realme X2 Pro mobiles. However, still the developer Samsung still not used that technology in their own flaghip smartphones. 

But now, the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will adopt the higher version of 120Hz screen refresh rate display. Also, regarding this information, a setting page of switching to 120Hz mode got revealed on social. However, it’s an upgraded UI of Samsung One UI 2.0 based on Android 10.
The settings page shows the three options, the first one is the main option to turn On the 120Hz High screen refresh rate. After, switch On the settings it shows two options likely Best Display & Save Battery. Here, the Best Display option will always use the 120Hz screen refresh rate for the smoothest display but it consumes more battery than usual. Similarly, the second option, Save Battery will helps to save the device battery consumption by switching between 60Hz and 120Hz based on the content you watch on the screen.
However, it ‘s currently unknown that how Samsung analyse the content for switching the screen refresh rate. Let we know quickly and update. Subsequently, the Samsung 120Hz screen refresh displays will sports an upcoming launch of Galaxy S11 series and probably on the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus.