Samsung Galaxy S11 series will launch on 2020 by earlier or mid of February. The Galaxy S11 series launch in three models likely, Galaxy S11e, Galaxy S11 and finally, Galaxy S11 plus. Also, in addition, 5G variant will supposed to launch along. Recently, Samsung galaxy S11 series color variants got revealed. In the same vein, now galaxy S11 series battery size confirmed.
Samsung Galaxy S11 series Battery Size

As per the source, the Samsung Galaxy S11 plus powers with 5000mAH battery and Galaxy S11 brings 4500mAH battery and lastly, Galaxy S11e power with 3800mAH to 3900mAH battery capacity.

On compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S10e powers with 3100mAH, S10 has 3400mAH and S10 Plus is 4100mAH. So, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 series upgrades more than its predecessor in terms of battery.