Samsung launched this year two flagship smartphones with Galaxy Note 10 & Galaxy S10 series now it’s time for the next flagship launch of Samsung Galaxy S11 series on the traditional month of February. Recently, the Galaxy S11 series display sizes are revealed for all variants Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11e & Galaxy S11 plus smartphones. Now the recent leak reveals that Official color variants of Samsung Galaxy S11 series & a new Galaxy Buds. Similarly, Samsung had planned to launch the Galaxy Note 10 Lite & Galaxy S10 lite models. 
The Samsung Galaxy S11 series includes the standard Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11e & Galaxy S11 plus smartphones. Here the Galaxy S11 designed in Black, Grey & Blue color options. Then the Galaxy S11e offered in Blue, Grey and Pink color variants. Also, there is a possibility of launching extra colors in addition. 
Similarly, in addition, to Galaxy S11 & Galaxy S11e its confirmed that the launch of Galaxy Note 10 lite & Galaxy S10 lite models. Also, it will launch in three color variants where the Galaxy S10 Lite comes in Black, Blue & White colors, while the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be available in Red, Black, and Silver color variants. Also, there will be a possibility to launch in Aura Silver color variant.
Finally, Samsung planned to launch the new Galaxy Buds with model number SM-R175 and its available in four color options likely Blue, Pink, Black & White. The Galaxy S11 series & new Galaxy Buds will launch next year February month.