Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus & S20 Ultra Camera Features

Samsung launching the Galaxy S20 series phone on 12th February. The Galaxy S20 series includes a launch of Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus & Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy S20 series features with 8K video recording, capturing videos on multiple lens at single take and so on. Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S20 Plus equips with triple camera sensors while, the Galaxy S20 Ultra includes TOF sensor in addition, to triple cameras.
Samsung Galaxy S20 series Camera Specifications


Firstly, Samsung Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S20 Plus comes with triple cameras equiped inside a square module bump. It having a 12MP wide-angle primary camera, 64MP telephoto and a 12MP Ultra wide-angle cameras. Both Galaxy S20 & S20 plus features with 3x optical zoom & 30x digital zoom capturing. In terms of video recording all Galaxy S20 series models supports 8K video recording at 30FPS.

Moving on to the Galaxy S20 Ultra it equips triple cameras with a TOF sensor inside, the square module bump. The Galaxy S20 Ultra camera contains 108MP Wide-angle primary camera that is based on Samsung ISOCELL HMX Bright sensor. Followed by that 48MP Telephoto and 12MP Ultra wide-angle cameras. In addition, to triple cameras it has time of flight sensor features with 100x space zoom, 10x optical zoom support. 
Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Features


The Samsung Galaxy S20 series having a good Camera specifications compared to predecessor. Similarly, the Galaxy S20 series cameras are having unique features and as follows below,

  • It captures 33MP photos on recording 8K video resolution at 30FPS
  • Single take feature helps to shot videos from different camera lens at a same time during recording.
  • Live Focus Photos now enabled for Dog & Cat.
  • Switching between front & back cameras during recording itself.
  • Improved Live focus videos
  • Includes 99 customisable filters.
  • Make a “Highlight reel” with upto 60 photos & Videos.
  • Hyper responsive touch with 45% improved touch latency.
  • Automatic groupings of similar pictures in Gallery.

The Galaxy S20 series camera features are unique and improved lot in video recordings. For the first time, Samsung brings the 8K video recording in Smartphones. Finally, Galaxy S20 series is an massive camera upgrade & features. The Galaxy S20 series launching on 11th of February in global and 12th February, 12.30AM in India. 

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