Samsung earlier launched the first galaxy foldable smartphones. It can be made possible with the help of flexible displays. Samsung exciting new patent from Samsung Display which is a division of the manufacturer shows the curly roller type displays. 

Samsung New Patent

Samsung has got a variety of new ideas in display section. Starting from the OLED, AMOLED display and punch-hole infinity display, edge-to-edge display & flexible display.

Similarly, the recent most famous 90Hz refresh rate displays from Samsung. In the same vein, Samsung applied for the new patent from the Samsung display division.

The new patent display solves the 2 in 1 problem for Samsung mobiles. It has been achieved by the new method of rolling screen with the help of flexible displays. 

The rolling mechanism works like a combination of moving rail, the screen multiples the screen for up to 3X. The flexible displays take care for the complete optimization & content in the display.

However, the flexible displays rolled up into the housing and it can be manually pulled out & back to normal. 

2 in 1 usage: Mobile & Tablet

It can be used as mobile phone & tablet therefore, the screen size is adjustable with seamless content delivery by using the flexible rollup displays.

As per the Samsung rolling display renders it shows the punch-hole display at the center with dual-camera. 

Similarly, the display is not foldable so, its not clear how the flexible rolling displays works with the punch-hole screen.

However, the screen is expandable but the rear portion is fixed therefore, it seems to be no extra accessories components will be possible. 

At the rear it has a triple camera module located at the top in the horizontal direction. However, the renders of the mobiles are based on the new patent filed by the Samsung display.

So, still its not the original machine done by Samsung mobiles. Samsung has more confidence in this idea to solve the problem of 2 in 1 displays.

Over this year, the display size is increasing rapidly starting from 5-inch display now currently it goes to up to 6.5-inch. The display size is almost equaled to tablet size.

Therefore, Samsung has patented new ideas to solve the problem of displays for delivering good technologies to consumers. 


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