Search Google Drive files instantly using Google Search in Chrome Browser (Desktop Version)

Google drive is a cloud file storage service by google that offers to store files, documents, pictures, videos and sharing particular files as link to others with your mail contacts or on the web and also you can make the privacy of sharable link with specified person or everyone who as link or public on the web. Google drive offers application for Android, Windows & iOS and also offer synchronize with any devices where u login your google account. Google offers free 15 GB storage for each google account users for free, using the storage you can save your email attachments, and backup gallery from your smartphones and for more storage you need to upgrade the account to Google One.

Google drive supports to save all types of files including Microsoft office files and you can edit spreadsheets, presentations, documents using Google sheets, Google slides & Google Docs respectively. Generally searching the file on google drive is possible by opening the Google drive home page only but you can search any type of files in Google drive using the google search option in chrome browser  itself by using google chrome extensions.

Chrome Extensions

Extensions are small programs used for chrome browser that customize the browser experiences as per the user needs, extensions are built on web technologies based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Now using the extension Quick Search for Google Drive you can get the results from drive using the matching keywords typed in the address bar. Once you enable the extension in chrome browser simply type as ‘drive’ in search or address bar in chrome browser and hit a space bar then it automatically ready for search your google drive files.

How to Enable Extensions

Install the extension by using the link at the end of the article, once you open the link select on Add to chrome then it added to chrome browser and get notified in the top right corner also, you can manage the extensions in chrome settings or by typing chrome://extensions/ in address bar.

Once you enabled the extensions type as “drive” in address bar and hit space and its ready for searching you google drive files directly from your search bar without going to Google Drive & searching.

Also, you need to login your google account in your chrome browser and need to allow the extensions for the first time to search the files or else you have to login to google account after searching the drive files.

The above method is only working for google chrome browser for desktop versions only, for other browsers also, may be have similar extensions. Also, do comments if any other extensions are having best features in the Comment box.

Quick Search for Google Drive Extension

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