Now share WhatsApp status to Facebook Story using WhatsApp ‘Share to Facebook Story’ feature

WhatsApp has earlier started working on these feature in the beta version V2.19.151. Now, in V2.19.185 beta version-enabled ‘WhatsApp Share to Facebook Story’ feature in the status page. Now, share WhatsApp status to facebook story from WhatsApp application in both Android & iOS platform.

WhatsApp Share to Facebook story


Earlier this year we had an announcement from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. That, interlinking the all three communication application WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook.


As the first stage, WhatsApp started the new feature Share to the Facebook story. This feature shares the WhatsApp status to Facebook story right from WhatsApp status page. This feature will available for both Android & iOS platform.

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Is these feature enabled

for all users?

Currently, this feature enabled for only beta users in a slow manner. Also, still beta users itself not received this feature. Don’t know why? Starting from this year WhatsApp working on updates in a slow manner.

So, as of now this feature will not available for standard users. But soon, WhatsApp releases the stable version for normal users within a month.

How does it work?

Already in WhatsApp status page updated few changes. Like showing the views count right from the status description. Previously, WhatsApp had two options in your status menu: Forward & Delete.

In addition, WhatsApp added two new options in your status menu. Therefore, now the user can see the two options called ‘Share’ & ‘Share to Facebook’.

On taping on the share option, will let share the status to other supported applications you’ll have. Then, on selecting Share to the Facebook option will share your current WhatsApp status to the Facebook story. Also, you can share multiple WhatsApp status to a Facebook story by selecting all status.

Is this feature helpful for you guys, if so means in what way you use this feature mostly? Let me know in the comments below.

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