Top 3 Best Battery Efficiency Smartphones Under Rs. 15000 – Feb’2019

Smartphone is playing an important role in our daily life usage for entertainment like watching movies, videos playing games and also for professional usage so an smartphone which last for a day battery usage is an important thing to experience all these features and to conclude that in this article we are picked up the Top 3 Smartphones which gives good battery backup through out a day even if you’re a power user also, chosen based on better user experience so, without wasting the time let’s start,

Samsung Galaxy M20: 5000mAH Battery

Galaxy M20 with 5000mAH Battery

Galaxy M20 is the recent launch from Samsung comes under budget segment offers good specification to consumers also, for the first time Samsung delivers a good design smartphone in budget between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 13,000 segments.

The Galaxy M20 is power packed with 5000mAH battery support chargeable through type C USB port with fast charging support and it takes almost 2 hours to complete the full charge. Then moving on to the power consumption it has capable of playing higher graphics games without any lag and the device is takes 10% of charge for the continuous game play. And Galaxy M20 has manageable during idle time to save the power by stopping unwanted services running in the background.

Galaxy M20 is powered by Samsung native Exynos 7904 Octa core processor architecture with six A53 cores clocks at 1.6GHz speed which is built for power efficient cores by default. Also, the device is runs on top via Samsung experience V9.5 skin based on Android 8.1 Oreo. On using via Samsung experience will feel the original stock Android experience which delivers a smooth and fast experience for users. Since it has like stock Android not more third-party application are installed in the device also, the operating system is not modified extremely. This will enhance the battery efficiency for longer time.

Also, we would like an upgrade to Android Pie upgradation which will reduces the power consumption too using adaptive battery feature and let me know in the comment section if you guys also expecting this upgrade.

Motorola One Power: 5000mAH Battery

Motorola OnePower – 5000mAH Battery

The next one after Galaxy M20 is Motorola One Power device which has packed with 5000mAh battery and chargeable through Turbo charger a fast charging support, it takes almost 3 hours to complete from 0% to 100% battery. And based on our usage tha power consumption is very good we played higher end graphical games, continue playing for about 6 hours we observed few heating issues and the battery drain about 10% of average for each hour. And during standby also, it performs well for 11 hours of standby the battery is reduced 3% of charge so, during idle time the power consumption is very low coz of Adaptive battery feature.

The Motorola One Power on board powered with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Octo core processor with the combination of Quad A53 cores clocks at 1.61GHz speed and Quad A73 cores clocks at 1.80GHz speed for fluctuations between Energy saving and Power Efficiency respectively. And the processor is inbuilt with Adreno 509GPU for better graphics performance. And the device runs on stock android experience based on Android pie.

The android pie upgrade has unique feature for battery called Adaptive battery feature which helps out to stop the unwanted running and not used application to be closed automatically during idle time, by this action the Motorola One Power has results the very low power consumption during idle time in battery department.

Asus Max Pro M2: 5000mAH Battery

ASUS MaxPro M20: 5000mAH Battery

The next smartphone lined up with Motorola One Power is Asus Max Pro M2 smartphone this is one of the bestselling smartphone from ASUS which is power packed with 5000mAH non-removable battery and it’s rechargeable through 10 watts adapter and the device is not supported for speed charging it takes almost 3 Hours to charge the battery from 0 to 100% and based on our usage and testing for normal user it long last for minimum 2 days and gives 1.5 days for heavy user like anytime internet usage, playing higher end graphical games or watching movies or videos in YouTube, Netflix etc., Even with massive battery capacity the Max Pro M2 feels light in weight while holding.

The processor of Asus Max Pro in SoC has 4 cores of A53 cluster act as power consumption runs at 1.84 GHz clock speed and another 4 cores of A73 cluster acts as Performance core runs in a clock speed of 1.96 GHz combined with the Adreno 512 GPU for graphics.

And the device is runs based on Android 8.1 Oreo without any customization, so the device has no any external feature implemented since its Stock Android you can experience the fast, speed & Smooth while using the Max pro M2 device. Every screen touch on options are more responsive and the application opening are done instantly without any lagging. And all the applications are loaded in single page and accessing of menu & home screen is as fast as user.

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