The India Smartphone market saw the highest ever shipments in 2Q19. A total of 36.9 million mobile phones were shipped to India in 2Q19. Among that the top 5 mobile brands with more shipments & market share in 2Q19 are listed in this article.

Top 5 mobile brands

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report compared to last quarter of 2019 the second quarter shipment were increased highest ever. A total of 36.9 million mobile phones were shipped to India in 2Q19. In that the top of mobile brands were shipped 31.8 million mobile phones.

The Top 5 Mobile brands in India based on higher Shipments & Market Share. These brands are the most important to reach the highest ever smartphone shipments in India

  1. Xiaomi
  2. Samsung
  3. VIVO
  4. OPPO
  5. Realme


The first place has taken by Xiaomi which has sold 10.4 million of mobile phones in the second quarter of 2019. Xiaomi has hold this position consistently for the 8 quarters. Similarly, Xiaomi has got the market share of 28.3% in 2Q19.

Xiaomi has grown his shipment volume by 4.8% compared to Year-Over-Year of 2Q19 vs 2Q18. The Xiaomi shipments were increased by the launch of Redmi 6A & Redmi Note 7 Pro because which is the highest shipped models in India on 2Q19.


Samsung has got the second position and in closer to Xiaomi in Shipments & Market share. The brand has shipped 9.3 million mobile phones in 2Q19 and having a 25.3% market share. It has reached great heights with a 16.6% increase in Year-Over-Year of 2Q19 vs 2Q18.

This year Samsung has reached a lot of Indian consumers by the new series launch Galaxy M & GalaxyA series. Both series have the mobiles from the budget segment to high-midrange price segments. The Galaxy A10 & A2 core were the top 5 shipment mobiles among the overall market.


VIVO has sold 5.6 million mobiles and having 15.1% market share in India on Q219. Compared to last year 31.6% shipment increased in the second quarter of 2019. VIVO has an affordable model Y91 in budget-wise. Similarly, the recent launch of VIVO Z1 Pro is the most affordable priced model in VIVO brand.


OPPO had a stronger growth compared to 2018 second quarter having 41.0% of incremental growth in 2Q19. In the second quarter of 2019 OPPO has sold 3.6 million smartphones & reach the 9.7% market share. OPPO has launched affordable A-series smartphones with A3s, A1K & A5s. Also, the new K series launch in midrange segments like Oppo K3 makes a stronger growth in 2Q19.


Last but not least Realme has very highly peak growth in 2019 Q2 compared to 2018 Q2. The brand was shipped 0.4 million smartphones on Q218 but on Q219 they sold 2.8 million smartphones which is 602.4% growth compared to second quarter of 2018. Similarly, on 2Q18 they own 1.2% market share and now they reached 7.7% market share in Q219 in India.

In the second quarter of 2019 Realme has launched affordable mobiles under Rs. 8000 price segment like Realme C2 & Realme 3i. After that, in midrange, they launched Realme 3 Pro and Realme X mobiles.

Final words

Compared to last year the smartphones are sold more than enough as per the IDC report. Similarly, the brands are bringing the new tech, innovation and creative products to the consumers.

On the other hand, the brands marketing technique has improved in different way like new color variant, new addition of Storage after a month of launch.

Also, they collaborated with Online shopping websites like Amazon & Flipkart. Using this platform they marketing with price cut, exchange offers, zero percentage EMI & cashbacks etc. Meanwhile, the Online shopping sites bringing the new offers sales frequently.

Anyhow, compared to last year consumers are now getting most advanced technology, new innovation, new tech, new design & rapid performance mobiles at affordable prices accordingly.