The major concern for every user in today’s life is ‘Privacy’. I personally tested many applications & methods regarding hacking of smartphones like controlling your camera, recording your calls, tracking your location and many more illegal activities. All these activities are working 200% without your knowkledge definietly but, working with your permission only. So this is a awareness article for our viewers & people belongs to you about the basic privacy concern.

1.Unknown Sources

Every new build smartphones are protected only, but we make some changes, that changes give  chance for hackers. This option allow to install the third party apps from internet when you turn ON this settings. This option is very important settings that block your installation in your smartphones.

When you install or download apps ( .apk file ) apart from playstore will block your installation in your phone when you turn OFF the option ‘Unknown Sources’. Manage this option in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

2.Clicking on Promotion Links

There are millions of websites in that more number of fake promotion sites like showing,

  • Spin the Wheel  & get more Prizes.
  • Send Whatsapp messages to your 10 groups like that,
  • Banners or popup like ‘Congratulations you are won 1 lakh Click here’.
  • While browsing clicking on link creates multiple tabs in your browsers.
  • Before download your content, make sure your clicking correct content link.
  • Receiving SMS with link like ‘click here to get offer’.

The above points may results in unwanted apps or files downloaded in your smartphones file storage, also it may install automatically if you Enable the ‘Unknown Sources Option’.

3.Allow to Access

Whenever you install a new application for first time it ask some user permission to access or to work that application normally, the user permission is differ from each  application based on the app content. The app must have to access like  Location, Contacts, Storage, Camera, Microphone, Telephone, Sms, to make the application work properly.

For example, if your installing any banking apps means you must allow the Sms, Contacts permission then only the app first time registration process will complete by sending sms to bank.

Now this is the loop for hackers, they create an illegal application and roll out the apps with promotion links, may result in app downloaded in your storage if your Unknown sources is enabled or some bad persons surrounds you may install without your knowledge, with alowing the access of Telephone means, it results in all your calls are recorded and send privately to bad guys whenever you receiving the calls instantly.

Now the question is to Allow or Deny, apps from trusted source like playstore is recommended but caution is needed, actually our all information including calls, mesaages, location, camera in third person controls, but trusted sources like ‘Google’ will protect our privacy securely, but untrusted sources will publish our information, data’s to internet or blackart etc..,,.

4.Uninstall apps like Antivirus, Cleaning…

I personally recommend every users to uninstall apps like cleaning, antivirus, app lock, Pattern lock, Hiding apps, installing this apps is like wantedly inserting virus in your storage. Install apps if needed, but always from trusted source. Just try this method now your smartphone performance is in next level than before, also hackers will go out.

5.Google Account

Today’s world is a Google world, every information we search on google, also our all information like contacts, daily activity, backups, photos, google drive, maps, mail, Android applications, Android activity saves on  your google account, because one google account is used for all categories. So you need to protect your google account is the very important thing. Google account is playing the major role in your smartphone, also don’t allow third party apps or websites to signin with your google account, there are many advantages in that, but in other side using your account, hackers can do anything that you cant imagine,so protect your account always be secure and enable the 2-step verification, only 10% of Google users using this feature in India. To know more Click here,

Important Points to Remember

  • Smartphone is a key to access our life, so please don’t give to anyone.
  • Always use inbuild smartphones apps for patterns, pin, passwords, app lock.
  • Secure your smartphone with strong passwords.
  • Protect your google account with ‘Two Step Verification’.
  • Switch off your Internet whenever you not use.
  • Don’t connect in public wifi for free internet.
  • Check frequently your location services & keep it turn Off always.
  • Don’t share your smartphone passwords to anyone.
  • Uninstall unwanted or unused apps from your smartphones.
  • Disconnect your internet connection while making call.
  • Don’t login you google account in public computers, if login remove your account from google chrome.