Airtel provides GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, VoLTE mobile services. It is the largest mobile network operator in India and third largest in the world with 429 million subscribers. Using Airtel network you can track network location of any Airtel numbers. 

Track Network Location

To track the location you don’t need to install any application and of course no need for internet connection. This feature is only for Airtel network users and it will work in all mobiles like from feature phone to smartphone.

This feature tracks the network location of the registered user using Airtel Friend Locator service. However, it does not shows the exact location like Google Maps shows. But, using this feature you can track in which area network your friend actually exists. Based on that, you can judge approximately where your friend, family members are arriving or living.

How to track location

  • Simply dial *988# in dialler. (Using Airtel SIM)
  • Then you will get six options in that type No.3 to select Locator option.
  • Now select No.1 to locate friend and again enter 1 to confirm.
  • Now your Airtel friend location services is activated.
  • Again dial *988# in dialler and enter 3 to select locator option.
  • Enter no.2 to select Locate friend option.
  • Now enter the friend mobile number and press enter.
  • After that your friend needs to confirm with YES via sms received from airtel.
  • In the next few hours, your friend number is added in your friends list.
  • Check by dialing *988#
  • After friend again start from first by dialing *988# and enter No.3 for locator, followed by enter No.2 to locate a friend.
  • Now enter no.1 for friend 1 and enter no.2 for friend 2 etc.,..
  • After selection, you’ll get the current network location of your friend.


  • This service is only Airtel customers of both prepaid & postpaid.
  • It is a paid service of  Rs.1 per day.
  • User can able to add multiple friends and to create them as group to track all.
  • Using this service you can track for a certain time with 15mins once network location will received via sms automatically for that particular time.
  • The registered user also gets location details via SMS.
  • The user can get the location for maximum times with Rs.1 only.
  • The user can get his current location via SMS through dialing *988# code in the dialler.
  • User can manage friends list in edit option to Add, Remove friends.
  • Also more options like messenger,nearby, following..etc,..