Hello friends, welcome back to a new awesome trick after a long time, already we posted a article about ‘How hide or unhide your personal files in android smartphones without any thirdparty applications’ if you don’t know about that click here. Now based on that this article will explain about how to download the Whatsapp status in your default whatsapp applications, lets go to the article & follow it up upto the footer.

I have seen many users & friends are using an third party applications to download the whatsapp status videos & images, but i’m not sure that how much its safe, because you need to allow that application to access your storage files once you allowed then what gurantee for you privacy, think about that, now let go to article.

How it Works
Before go to article let explain about how this system works, and using this system third party application just get the video from you internal storage with the help of your permission.
Media Scanner Receiver
The every media file newly added in your Internal storage or memory card will shown in Android gallery application for easy access to users,if you download any pictures, videos, & movies also shown in your android device media library using a broadcast receiver called Media scanner receiver. It scans and stores media file info in internal storage and memory card for quick access. This service scan the files in your file manager and shows in your gallery, it plays an important role for showing all media content to users.
.Nomedia & Folders starting with Dot ( . )


Nomedia is an empty text file without any extension & a folder created starting with dot are used in every memory system, application, operating system to hide system files from user,it is also located in Android mobile operating device to hide operating system files like wallpapers, Application logos, png files, thumbnail images, mobile ringtones, cache files & other system files from gallery.
When .nomedia file & folder starting with dot ( . ) is located, the media scanner receiver not scan the files in that particular folder, by using this method system files are hidden from user in Android operating system. Now using this method whatsapp application hides the media files in your internal storage. Whenever you see any status video or image, that particular media is downloaded and saved in your internal storage and that media is hidden from your internal storage & gallery.
How to download Whatsapp status

  • Firstly open your File Manager or Explorer.
  • Go to settings, turn ON ‘show hidden files‘.


  • Now all hidden files visible in your File manager.
  • Open official Whatsapp application & see the status you want to download.


  • Again open file manager & open whatsapp folder in your internal storage.


  • Now open folder ‘Media’.


  • Now open folder ‘.Statuses’ (This folder is shown only if ‘Show hidden files’ are turned On)


  • Now so many media files are there, also the status you seen that media also available there. (Get it by using date & time)


  • Just copy that media file & paste it in your any owned folder.
  • Now that media will shown in your gallery application.
  • That’s it…
Use this trick to download whatsapp status by just copy pasting, also please do comment about this article.. keep visit Vicshacks.