Generally when you type a password, it will shows us full of dots behind this dots our passwords are hidden.Now in this post i’l show you how to find these passwords that are behinds in Dots & also show you how to protect from that.This article is a type of hacking awareness, having that responsibility to reach this awareness to my viewers and also you people please share this article as maximum.Let’s Start…

Google Smart Lock lets you to get right down to work without remember password and security codes.Google the giant,introduces a feature saving a passwords for apps & browser in your google account. Whenever you signin to a new website you get prompt to save account info for that website, when you again use that website your userid and passwords prefilled there,so without entering passwords you get entered into your account.You can save your passwords & user details for all websites, similarily smartphones application also saved based on this selection.

Now all these passwords are stored in your google account, you can mange all your saved passwords on Chrome>setings>Advanced settings and also you can view your passwords in web address using your google account.

Inspect Element

Inspect element is powerfull tool that hiding in your desktop browser.It shows the Html format of website, an website is build of HTML ,CSS and JAVASCRIPT codings you can edit this html codes using inspect element, you can make all custom changes like fonts,size,colours and some content changes in temporarily by using certain codes.Inspect element is a perfect method for learning web designing, now using this method you can view your saved passwords on Google Chrome and also in all web browsers.

How its Working

  • Firstly open Google chrome browser in your computer.
  • Login to your google account to chrome browser
  • To can enable inspect element by click on the 3 dots in top right >More tools>Developers tools or right click or press ctrl+shift+I

  • Now go to the website that account info has already saved by you.

  • Now your passwords are filled automatically and hidden with Dots.

  • Just select all the dots and right click,

  • Select Inspect option in last and click that,

  • The Inspect Element window will open.

  • It has so much codings,just look into the highlighted area.
  • Now there you see a “type=password”

  • Just change that “password” to “text” by typing.

  • Thats it now hidden password get shown.. 

Actually this is simple method to get your hidden passwords, these trick is based on Html codings, so google will not responsible for this hacking, this trick will always working only & can’t able to restrict that trick because these is based on Html codings. To overcome this we need to follow some steps to protect from hacking, nowadays we are checking mail anywhere, so you need to login to your Google Account ,if you forgotten to logout means all your data’s get stolen by hackers.

Google develops more intresting features to make a best user experience the saved passwords are best way to remind your passwords at any time and google secure all your data safely but the loop poles are available like explained above to overcome this only one thing we need to do that is Protecting your account & always logout your google account from all your devices and enable the two step verification.

Also, turn off the Auto-fill forms if don’t need Google to remind the passwords or selectively ignore the request of google while save passwords prompt appear, access this settings at  Google Chrome > Settings > Advanced >Passwords and Forms >Auto Fill Settings > Auto-Fill Forms > Turn Off.