Earlier last month Xiaomi announced the under-display camera technology through a video. Then explains the few details about the new technology but not officially showcased. Meanwhile, later on, Oppo introduced the same tech & displayed the prototype through an event to media.

Under display camera

Xiaomi has got this tech by introducing the new display called transparent display. Here the display above the camera sensor becomes transparent on switching to the front camera. Which means that particular part of the display around the camera sensor converted from normal display to transparent display instantly.

The transparent display also called as all new custom display and its range covers are almost like center punch-hole shape. On the other hand, Oppo under display technology also similar to the Xiaomi tech. Oppo had brought the display which combines small screen above the camera module, high-transmission screen, and optimization algorithms to ensure the integrity of the screen.

Transparent Vs Perspective Display

As like Xiaomi, the small screen above the camera will switch from display mode to camera mode. During that time display allows the light to pass through the camera sensor. Oppo called this custom type display as Perspective panoramic screen in display.

Both the transparent display & perspective panoramic display are similarly doing the same job. Allowing the light to the camera sensor when the user activates the selfie camera. Then, during not activating selfie camera display will look like a normal display.

Now in terms of the range of custom display above the camera is actually differs between Xiaomi & Oppo. Xiaomi custom display covers only the camera sensor in the shape of center punch-hole like the design. On the other hand, Oppo had the big size of the screen above the camera sensor compared to Xiaomi.

Oppo actually designed the custom display like a notch type shape design. The display around the camera is filled in notch shape. Also, it is very obvious during camera is not activated.

The display as clearly shows the impression while viewing pictures or videos in full screen. Oppo tries the adaptive blur for the particular area in the display. But it looks like not more comfortable on viewing in full screen.

Also, Xiaomi has not showcased its prototype till to the media. But on watching in the video published by Xiaomi it looks quite promising in terms of design, feature & performance than Oppo. There is no impression like Oppo during camera has not used. Let’s see when both devices have been coming to the market. Probably this new tech will get into the hands by next year approximately.

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