Upcoming Whatsapp Update : Version 2.18.300

Upcoming Whatsapp update for the month of september.

Whatsapp is working on updates for more improvements like security, privacy and friendly user interface as per that whatsapp has submitted a new update after a long time through Google Play Beta program and bringing up the version to v2.18.300 for Android beta users, this update is under testing and it will available to normal users in future.

The upcoming updates are 1) Swipe to reply 2) Expandable group participants list 3) Whatsapp Dark UI, features are not available yet, but this update will receive for all users in a month and for beta users update whatsapp beta to version 2.18.300.

Swipe to Reply

Currently in whatsapp you can reply to user during chatting by just holding the chat and start typing in text editor, it automatically attach the chat for reply, also you can hold the chat and press the (i) button in the top to reply the chat user.

Now with the update of Swipe to reply feature it allows to reply a message using gesture, these same feature is implemented years ago in Whatsapp for iOS. if you swipe a message to want to reply, using gesture option whatsapp automatically loads the reply message in context to save extra time, see the below video reference..

Expandable group participants list

In whatsapp groups if there is more than 10 participants, whatsapp shows a “More” option in group info area, when the user clicks the More option the rest of group participants are shown, this saves the page size in the group info.

Whatsapp Dark Mode UI

There is talk going around for Whatsapp Dark mode UI as like in twitter for users to use in night time, this is an good option for users who chats more in night time and also technically in dark mode UI the color pixels are won’t work, these saves the battery power.

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