The first smartphone with innovative feature from vivo mobile manufacturer VIVO V11 pro comes with In-Display finger print scanning technology as the highlighting spec and becomes successor smartphone around their twenty launches this year, the Vivo V11 pro comes in single variant of 64 giga byte of storage & 6 giga byte of RAM memory, has two color variant Starry night & Dazzling gold.

Now coming to the physical overview in the top a noise cancellation microphone is placed, and in the right volume rockers, power button & in bottom speaker, micro USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack provided & in left hybrid SIM slot that supports 2-nano SIM cards & 1 dedicated SD card support has been given, in front 25 mega pixel camera placed inside the water drop notch & in back Dual-camera setup with flash and VIVO name branding. The V11 pro is built with polycarbonate back with shinning glowing glass finish lamination and the sides, front, back & top are made with metal body.

Display: 9/10

The V11 Pro has 6.41-inch super AMOLED display with 19.5:9 aspect ratio Halo full view display, since it is AMOLED display, it’s surrounded by slim bezels measuring 1.76mm on the sides, 2.15mm on top and 3.8mm at the bottom. The overall screen to body ratio is 91.27% delivers a full viewing experience. It has a 3D curve edges around the corners and has a protection of 3rd Generation Corning gorilla glass support.

Since it is an AMOLED display you can experience the ultra-viewing experience with the halo full view water drop notch, it gives a rich in color and contrast in all viewing angles. The 6.41-inch display gives you wide playground for playing higher end games flawlessly using the snapdragon 660 processor and also, for movie lovers who can stream High definition videos in Amazon prime, Netflix & YouTube etc.,

The V11 Pro has auto brightness control that changes your display brightness based on the lighting condition and to reduce the visual fatigue for eyes it has an eye protection mode feature that makes the cool or warm display keeps you to view the display for longer time without any strains to your eyes and the V11 pro features Always ON display that keeps your display always On even when you locked your smartphone and in the Always ON display you can set to show the clock, battery percentage & recent notifications and the Always ON display won’t work if the battery percentage is reduced less than 20% since this feature will drain the battery accordingly but VIVO enable this feature to unlock the device quickly by using the In-display finger print scanning.

Camera: 7/10

The V11 pro features dual rear camera 12MP + 5MP setup, the main camera has a large aperture size of f/1.8 and 1.28um pixel and 5MP has aperture size of f/2.4. It has dual pixel auto focus technology that each pixel divided into two parts and captures maximum light from the object, so the main 12MP rear camera has 24 million photosensitive units. The auto focus technology locks the focus in 0.03 seconds. Since it is custom based OS many features have been taken out in camera with Artificial intelligence technology, AI Backlight HDR, AI Low light mode, AI Scene recognition, AI portrait framing.

The V11 pro captures photos in 4:3, 19.5:9, 16:9 & 1:1 aspect ratio since it has dual-pixel auto focus technology as like canon DSLR it has a faster shutter speeds and it captures the moving objects instantly, actually this camera freezes the moving subject and capture the maximum details. The rear camera has a support HDR mode, Portrait mode & Live mode feature and the rear camera video recording can be done with 4K, 1080P & 720P quality and it supports Slow-motion & Time-lapse video recording and using the AI support you can record the videos with more attractive using the beauty mode in video recording.

Since V11 pro has faster shutter speed making a best photography in day light or where light is available and in low light condition the camera increases the ISO value to increase brightness but too much of ISO increases spoils the overall picture quality, so here vivo fails in software optimization in camera department during low light condition.

Moving to front facing camera the V11 pro have 25MP AI camera with aperture size of F2.0 features AI face beauty using this you can customize your face by changing your skin tone, whitening, thin face, face reshaping, enlarging eyes & jaw, adjusting your nose and mouth shape and another interesting feature Group selfie that covers wide area to take group selfie using the front facing camera. The 25AI selfie camera has take photos in Live Photo that capture photos what actually present in the subject and the there is no portrait mode support for front facing camera but instead of that vivo delivers here selfie lighting feature in front 25AI camera using this feature it focus the subject and blur the background by using AI technology and also, different lighting like Natural lighting, Studio, Stereo, Loop & Monochrome lighting feature are available all these lightings are adjust the lighting based on the surrounding lighting condition and lighting is mainly focus on subjects to make portrait like effects and it looks cool.

The front camera has a video recording support to record in 1080P, 720P & 480P and the front camera has no support for 4K video recording and using AI it supports beauty mode in video recording. Know more about V11 camera in a separate article soon.

Performance & Features: 8/10

The V11 pro runs on Qualcomm snapdragon 660 octa-core processor, it is 8 core processor with a clock speed of up to 2.2Ghz with AIE, it has integrated Adreno 512 graphical process unit. It works on latest Vivo Funtouch OS 4.5 based on android Oreo 8.1, since it is custom OS some applications are pre-installed to smartphones like Facebook, WhatsApp, Chrome, Google, Amazon, Amazon prime video, Phonepe, UC browser, WPS office. Also, with Vivo Jovi AI Engine deliver a more efficient allocation of CPU.

The Vivo V11 pro has huge customized option using the Funtouch OS 4.5 that deliver more interesting features to make better user interface and with the help of snapdragon octa core 660 processor the device performs fast even with multiple application running. The Funtouch OS brings all utility features and it has dedicated control center to access recent applications & shortcuts to important features and options. The notifications are managed by swiping from the top and the control center is managed by swiping from the down.

Navigation Gesture

The V11 Pro has large 6.41-inch bezel less display with 91.27% screen to body ratio and to experience the full view screen you can hide the navigation buttons in the bottom using the feature Navigation feature V2.0. This feature allows to hide the buttons and you can perform navigation by just swiping from the left-bottom of the screen to go back and center-bottom of screen to go home screen & swipe from right-bottom to access control center also, you can rearrange the options in settings and to protect from mistouch there is an option to enable the slide two times on full screen for all applications you can manually select your own application to protect from mistouch.

To view the recent applications, swipe up from the center and hold for second and to switch between two application the gesture brings up the last used application in front first while using recent gesture navigation and you need to click on the to open the applications but the recent update from OnePlus has quicker switching gesture that automatically open applications.


This feature is for capturing your screen by taking screenshots & recording you screen using this feature you can extend your screen shot as long the page goes and can take this by selecting the long screenshot option after taking a screen shot and also, you can take screen shot by swiping upwards with three fingers in the screen to capture the screen shot, you can customize your screenshot based on your wish by using the feature Shaped screenshot like circle, rectangle, square, heart shapes and Lasso tool used to create screenshot manually by drawing in the screen and doodle screenshot using this feature you can scratch the screen manually and the scratched locations can be saved as screenshot.

Global Search

This feature is one of my favorites using this you can find your need in the home screen itself, it gives the search results in all categories like messaging, contacts, applications, settings options, files in your storage, Music, calendar and the whole world using the Google search engine and this is also known to be a smart search feature, an interesting feature from VIVO.

Manage this feature by just swiping down anywhere in the home screen and you’ll see the search box in the top, just enter the what you want to find then the global search automatically shows the results in all categories that matches your keywords and you can access instantly by clicking on the search results.

Easy Touch

VIVO concentrated more in shortcuts to access all things within a place where user goes in the device for faster accessing to files, applications instantly from anywhere and this feature is well known by all users the iPhone’s default feature gesture to back & switching to home screen, vivo v11 Pro introduces this feature using that you can customize some utility features in the touch ball. Also, you can access the settings with by double tapping the easy touch button.

Other Features

  • One-handed: usage by accessing mini screen using gesture mode that minimize the total screen size has per our recommended size by this you can access the device in single hand like sliding down the notification or selecting any options at the top, enable this option in settings and in the home screen slide inward from the edge of the screen and then slide out of the screen.
  • Smart Click: is the feature to enable specific function when screen is in off condition, to do this need to enable the options in settings and press & hold the volume down button to enable the decided function after unlocking the device.
  • Motor Bike mode: This feature can be used for while you are riding in bike, once this mode enabled all calls are rejected automatically and also, you can enable option Auto respond with SMS this feature sends the SMS automatically from your mobile to incoming call number like “I’m in Riding & I’ll call later.”
  • Do not Disturb Mode: Once this mode is enabled all the notifications like messages, calls & other notifications are muted once the screen is turned off. Also, you can set exceptional like allowing some contacts can get notified and Repeated calls option is allowed to notify if calls receive for second time from same mobile number within 3 minutes if the feature is enabled.
  • Split Screen: As like all devices V11 pro also have packed with the split screen feature but here vivo execute a instant shortcut with the Funtouch OS that split you screen instantly by just swiping downwards with three fingers & same like swiping upward will take screen shot.
  • Paytm Barcode Scanning: Vivo partnered with Paytm and get with dedicated option in the notification, by selecting that option will get through the scanning screen by this you can pay instantly at any Paytm merchant store. The same option is available in OnePlus also, by holding the fingerprint sensor continuously while the device is in locked state.

Security: 9/10

In terms of security the V11 pro has best feature to protect your files & gallery also, with the faster user interface,

Screen Pinning

This feature is mostly used in case if you need to give your smartphone to someone for some application like playing games or any other apps using this feature you can pin the particular application so that the user not able access the other stuff in your smartphones. Apart from app locking this feature holds the user to stay in a single application and not able to switch to any applications or home screen.

Enable this feature in Settings > Security & Privacy > More Security Settings and enable the screen pinning option and pin the application in the recent application by using the recent swiping gesture and click on the PIN symbol, That’s it. And to disable the screen pinning hold the Volume UP button & Lock button simultaneously then unlock your device with your passwords to disable.


This option has an Online recognize unknown number feature after enabled this it recognizes the unknown incoming calls in your smartphones it shows you location of number and based on others flags it display in categories like spam, marketing etc., you can also, flag the number to online in the call settings like this number a fraud call by these other users will be noticed. Also, you can reject the calls which is not in your contact list automatically.

Also, for any emergency you can press the power button for three times continuously to call 112 SOS call for emergency purpose, try only if you have any emergency.

Blur Display in Recent Apps

This feature is used to blur the content of particular application as per you wish in the recent app interface, enable this option in settings > More Settings > Recent apps and enable the application in the list to hide the content of the application like pictures, messages while using the recent apps interface. Using this feature, you can hide the contents in the application from third person to protect your privacy.

File Safebox

Here you can safe your files like pictures, music’s, videos, documents, application apk files & other files here with the password protection and you can access this safebox after unlocking with password or in-display fps or face unlock.

App Encryption

As like file safebox you can encrypt your installed application from third person by selecting the application to encrypt as per your wish in the privacy settings and the unlocking the encryption can be done easier with the IR face unlock feature.

In-Display Finger Print & IR Face Unlock

The major feature of V11 pro is it’s In-Display finger print scanning technology using optical finger print sensor hidden behind the display. Also, with face unlock technology using infrared light accurately scans 1024 facial feature dimension to unlock your phone instantly even in dark using these fast security measure you can unlock the device as well as app encryption flawlessly and checkout out recent article about the V11 Pro Security Feature.

Memory: 8/10

It has storage of 64 giga byte of internal storage out of that user will get 51.66 GB memory for usage since the device is packed up with bunch of application pre-installed in the device like Facebook, UC Browser etc., and this application can be uninstalled by user itself also, the memory is expandable with SD card up to 256 GB that is a good thing to see the external memory support. Then the V11 pro has 6 giga byte RAM memory after system consumption user useable RAM memory is 3.94 GB by this configuration the V11 pro can survive for best speed for a higher end user like Gaming, camera usage, full time Internet usage, with the help of 3.94 giga byte of RAM you can switch many apps randomly without any flaw.

Battery: 7.5/10

V11 pro packed with 3400mAh battery to manage this all features and this battery capacity is enough for a day usage even if you are a hard user like heavy gamer, photographer or youtuber to record a video in 4K. We tested the battery for a week with full time internet usage, enabling the live wallpapers in home screen, capturing photoshoot sometimes, playing higher end games like PUBG and the battery is last for nearly a day. The V11 pro has a support dual engine fast charging support but the reality is it takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes to complete the full charge of 3400mAh.

Vivo V11 pro single variant of 6GB + 64GB in Starry night & Dazzling Gold color goes for the price of Rs 25,990 through Flipkart.