Hi, in this post is about how to print any documents from your android smartphone using cloud print option by Google. Let’s find out the method below, so read this post fully upto the footer,

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is one of the product of Google, this is a service that connect a printer to a internet using your Google Account. Using this you can print any file from anywhere from windows, android smartphone using your Google Account to that cloud connected printers.


  • Windows PC with Printer connected.
  • Google Chrome to be installed.
  • Android mobile above jellybean version.
  • One Google Account
  • Same Google Acount should be used in Windows and Android.
  • Little knowledge😃

How to

To take a print of any document, we need to follow some initial setting up in both computer & android smartphones, 

Initial Setup in PC

  • Firstly Logon to your PC and open Chrome,Sign in with your Google Account.
  • Then go to Settings and Scroll down to Advanced settings.
  • In that find a Printing Option > Google Cloud Print.
  • From that select manage Printers and Add your local connected Printers to Google cloud.

Initial Setup in Android

  • Now in your Android mobile,go to settings,Advanced,Printing,Add Service.
  • Now install Cloud service from PlayStore.
  • After install you see your printer,that we do in step 4.
  • Now you can print any document, photo as u like by selecting a source file option.
  • Finally you see a Printing option in your notification bar and the Print as been sent to your Printer.

Google Cloud Platform, the service introduced on April 2010 by google to make the user to print from Chrome OS. By this option you can print of any document by using your Android smartphone from anywhere using internet, do comments your wish nad share to your friends.