Google Googles has been earlier available in beta version of Android Operating system. Google Googles is an Image Recognition mobile app developed by Google. It is used for searches based on Pictures taken in devices. At Google a similar app Google Lens, an update for Google Googles uses the Google Assistant and Google Photos.

Google lens is a feature announced by giant Google for beta users on Pixel devices on November 2017 and later released officially to Google Photos and Google Assistant for non-pixel users on March 5, 2018.Google Lens designed to bring up relevant information using Visual Analysis. Support for lens in the iOS version on Google Photos was made on March 15, 2018.Now this feature will available for both iOS and Android users default camera application.

When you capture any picture, Google lens will attempt to identify the image with related products, text on the image, identify that if it belongs to plants and animals, discover books and media and try to scan barcodes in the image also, search relevant information through Google search engine, Lens is also integrated with Google photos and Google Assistant.

Google lens can be used in two ways the first one is by pointing a object through the default camera and the other is selecting the image that you already capture in your camera via google photos application.

How to Use Google Lens through default camera

To experience the Google lens, feature simply open your default camera application in your device and tap the google lens icon if it’s not shown on your devices then it’s not supported for your device and now focus the camera at any object like plants, books or some products and google will analyses the picture through AI algorithm and give you best results related to the image. If this feature is not enabled in you default camera of your device try the other way through Google photos.

How to Use Google Lens through Google photos

Choose any pictures that you already captured like books, plants or any products, here I have selected few pictures for examples,

Now open Google Photos, if you don’t have install Google Photos on Play Store and Open.

Open any photos you already captured and in bottom of the picture find the option Google lens icon.

Click on that icon and google analysis the image by creating so many dots on the picture.

Now you get the search result for the pic related also, if you have any text in that picture, google capture all and provide you in text format and you can copy that, this feature may useful for bloggers, students…etc.

Google enabled this feature in almost all android devices that running android version above V6.0 and google continuoisly working to improve the accuracy of detection, in the recent update of Android Pie google brings the dedicated AI support to improve the algorithm also, samsung introduces the feature Bixby Vision in the Galaxy Note 9 that transalate languages by just capturing the picture and finding related products also, Google & Samsung used this feature for medical purpose using the AI algorithms.