WhatsApp Ban user accounts because of using modded WhatsApp Application

Recently, WhatsApp started working on temporarily ban user accounts because of using the moded WhatsApp application like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus etc. Also, regarding this WhatsApp has added the new FAQ post for About Temporarily Banned Accounts.

Reason for WhatsApp ban

WhatsApp designed as simple, secure & reliable way to chat with others. Also, WhatsApp working continually through beta updates in terms of new features, best user experience and importantly privacy. There are few similar WhatsApp Messenger like application with more additional features which are created by third parties. According to WhatsApp the applications developed by third parties are considered as violation in Terms of Service. Due to this reason WhatsApp temprovarily ban users.

Stop using GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus..

And we have already tweeted in our twitter page that who are all continue using the moded WhatsApp application such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus will be temporarily banned without any prior notice. Also, once the account gets temporarily banned message, will probably no longer able to use WhatsApp until the timer (Ban Period) completes. Upon temporary ban and still using the moded application will results in Permanent account ban by WhatsApp

Therefore, if you guys using the modded version of WhatsApp uninstall that and install official version of WhatsApp from Google Play store. If not, your WhatsApp account get banned permanently. So, you can’t able to use or create a WhatsApp on same account furthermore. Before switching from modded version to official version take backup of your chats and proceed. Now, what you guys think about this action from WhatsApp let me know in the comments section below.

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