WhatsApp Business beta app version 2.19.40 rolls out the new group privacy setting option. The new option control admin to join user on creating a new group in WhatsApp Business application. Also, earlier this feature start works in WhatsApp Messenger beta V2.19.93. This feature is also called as Group Invitation Feature. Now let’s explain about the feature in detail,

WhatsApp New Privacy option will let control adding the participants in group using Group Invitation Feature. For this WhatsApp brings the new option in the Privacy menu called Groups. As like controlling that Who can view the Profile Picture & About section in WhatsApp. Now, you can decide who can join you for a newly creating groups. For this three menu available in new Groups option which is Everyone, My Contacts & No body.

By selecting the ‘Everyone’ option will allow the users to join you in a group at any time, where the ‘My contacts’ option let you allowed for users to make you join in the group, only if the user added in your contacts. And the last option ‘No body’ will not allowed any user to join you in any group at any time.

For users enabled with ‘No body’ option WhatsApp will suggest you to invite them to join the group by sending the private message in WhatsApp Group Invite format its like sharing the group link to others but the Group Invite get expired in three days. If the participants have wish to join the group means, can join the group within that period or else user has to wait for another invitation or any other sources to join in the group.