WhatsApp started the WhatsApp Business App for Android devices last year. Now its helped for more than 50 Million users for promoting, sharing, supporting the customers. Also for creating a community for their business. After one year of introducing WhatsApp Business now, WhatsApp rolls out the application for iOS users and its currently available in India, Indonesia, Mexico, UK & US through the App store for free of cost. Then in coming weeks the App will roll out for all countries.

Using WhatsApp Business app in iOS you can create & Share your business in Business Profile like the business description, contact details, Store address and website. Also, WhatsApp Business App will be allowed with cool features like Auto Reply for customers with Away message & Greeting message feature, then using Quick replies you can organize the answers and sent it by just pressing the slash /, and you can share the Short link to customers with pre-filled text messages using Short Link feature.

And the iOS WhatsApp Business application can be managed using WhatsApp Web as like WhatsApp Messenger to chat and send photos & files from your desktop. If the app not available yet it will be released by Apple in next 12 hours for the selected countries.