WhatsApp continuously working on the dark theme for past few months as it is still not available for beta & stable users till now. But WhatsApp upgrading the features slowly in terms of Dark mode. Recently, WhatsApp updated the Dark theme wallpaper on the chat page. Also, already we have told that the Dark theme feature will be switched by using the options under settings. In the same vein, WhatsApp new update brings that feature for enabling Dark mode. 

WhatsApp Dark Mode Features

WhatsApp new upgrade on Dark theme discovers that WhatsApp can automatically enable/disable the Dark theme based on the system Battery saver settings. For instance, if a mobile changed to Battery saver mode then, WhatsApp automatically switches to Dark theme and after switching back to normal mode in system, again WhatsApp goes back with Light theme. However, the old system default option has been removed for unsupported Android versions like Android 9 & lower versions. Similarly, for Android 10 version supported with dark mode feature on default will works as system default in WhatsApp. 

Dark Avatar

Likewise, Whatsapp changed the color of default profile picture Avatar background to black colour. So, after enabling the Dark theme mode, WhatsApp default profile picture Avator background image changed from White to Black. 

WhatsApp Dark mode feature still not enabled also, it release date is still unknown but WhatsApp continuously working on the Dark theme feature. In my point of view, WhatsApp will release the update for stable users by January 2020 while the beta users supposed to get the update of Dark theme features by the end of December. Let’s see…