WhatsApp working for many improvements these months after the update of vacation mode, silent mode & linked account features later these weeks now WhatsApp rolls out the long-time working feature WhatsApp stickers for Android & iOS beta users. WhatsApp submitted the new beta version through Google beta program and updated their version to Android V 2.18.329 & iOS V 2.18.100, for iOS WhatsApp update remotely and the activation will take place slowly and this update will not work for WhatsApp business & Windows user will get this feature soon also, WhatsApp will update remotely for animated stickers in future.


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Experience the new features of WhatsApp stickers by updating to the above version, if after the update feature not enabled try reinstalling WhatsApp, because every time reinstalling WhatsApp will download updated configuration from the server.

WhatsApp rolls out this feature for all Android & iOS users with 12 default sticker packs, the package contains Cuppy, Salty, Komo, BIbImbap Friends, Unchl & Rollle, ShIba Inu, The Maladrolts, Fearless and Fabulous, Banana, Biscuit & Hatch. Also, the user can download the external sticker packs through Google Play Store & WhatsApp allowed the external stickers.

WhatsApp brings out the best in stickers with best UI experience they categories the stickers as like emoji’s with recently used stickers, favourite stickers by holding the sticker and click on star and it will be moved to favourite sticker and stickers categories like Love, Happy, Sad for all downloaded stickers they organise the stickers with these 3 categories and these makes the user to pick up the stickers as per their wish.

How to Use

Open any chat and in next to the input text editor tap the emoji’s icon now in the bottom you have 3 icons Emoji, GIF and the last one is Stickers select that and now you are in stickers area, to add the stickers press the plus + at the top corner and download your default 12 stickers packages you need or you can download the external stickers packs by scrolling down and select the option Get More Stickers, you can download stickers through Google Play Store and you can manage you downloaded stickers in the My Stickers tab next to the Stickers.

Once you downloaded the stickers go to the stickers option through emoji icon and just select your choice sticker to send, and for multiple stickers sending at the time will makes the stickers grouped in the chat area to reduce the chat space and you can manage each time sent stickers by just select and hold the sticker and access all options like Info, Delete, delete for everyone, star, forward and reply also, you can manage the recently used stickers by tapping the clock icon.

WhatsApp stickers working for WhatsApp web also, if the feature is enabled in your device and clear the cache of old WhatsApp web in the system browser and load the new version of WhatsApp web in the browser to experience the features.

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