WhatsApp messenger is a freeware and cross platform messaging and Voice over IP (VOIP) service. This application allows the sending of Text messages, video calls, Audio & Video, documents sharing and live location. The application runs on mobile device by using mobile numbers through cellular data at free of cost. WhatsApp was founded on 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both are worked at Yahoo. Later WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in February 2014.

A new daily Record of 20 Billion sent messages (Inbound) and 44 Billion messages received (Outbound),64 BILLION Total messages handled in 24 hours by WhatsApp users on 1st April 2014.WhatsApp works on Android, Windows, iOS and KaiOS for Reliance JIO phone. More than 1 Billion people in over 180 countries are using WhatsApp

Encrypt & Decrypt

Encryption is a process of encoding a message or information that only accessed by authorized person. Encryption converts your text to decimal value and protected with security key, if you want to read your data means need to Decrypt with the same security key, Decrypt converts the decimal value to text. By this process WhatsApp end-end Encryption works.

WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption

Some of the most personal moments are shared with WhatsApp, which is why end-to-end Encryption build into the WhatsApp latest versions. When end-to-end encrypted means your messages, photos, calls, voice messages, pictures and documents are secured from falling to wrong hands.

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption is available when you and the people you message use the latest version of WhatsApp. So many messaging apps using encryption but WhatsApp ensures the conversation of both end secured with a lock key and no one can able to read the messages even WhatsApp also. This feature is automatic function, no need to enable any setting and not able to disable this encryption by any one. Just like your messages, WhatsApp calls are end-to-end encrypted so WhatsApp and third parties can’t listen to them.

Once you started chatting with a person a security code is generated automatically between the two people combination, if you chat with other person an another unique security code generated between them, these codes are found in your contact info screen in both QR code & 60-digit code, “the security codes you visible in the contact screen between two people is for reference only and it’s not actual key, the actual special key is always kept safe” says WhatsApp.


When you or any chat user in your contact may uninstall or reinstall in different device the security code is changed automatically once you again started to chat, and the notification is shown to in the chat area, to receive the security notifications go to Settings > Account > Security > tap on Show Security notifications.

How to Check Encryption

When a new conversation started between two or more people, a unique security key is generated for each chat conversation, you can also verify your end-to-end encryption by open the Chat and tap on Name, click Encryption and you’ll see your security code,60 digit numbers and a barcode.

You can verify the security code by scanning this barcode from your chat friend mobile, if Green color comes means the chat is encrypted, otherwise may be you scanned wrong chat user. The security key you’ll see is not an original, actual key always kept secret.

After security key enabled from both end, now your conversation encrypted end-to-end for example, if USER A sends a message ‘HAI’ means that message encrypted to decimal value like ‘01220’ and locked, that message sent to WhatsApp servers and received to USER B, now the decimal value decrypted with the lock key and converts ‘01220’ to message ‘HAI’, all this process done automatically in a fraction of seconds.