WhatsApp has updating their services periodically for better user experience and also for continual improvement, recently this month WhatsApp updated the recipient limit and also WhatsApp extends the messaging service for iPhone 7 & older and Android versions.

Recipient Limit

WhatsApp updated the recipient limit this month that mean if the user deletes the message for everyone and the recipient should receive the revoke request within 13h 8m 16s otherwise the message will not be deleted.

WhatsApp updated this feature to protect from modded users, also by default as usual the user can delete the message for everyone within 1h 8m 16s.

Support for Other operating systems

WhatsApp already stopped the service for iOS 6 users and iOS 7 version also reached the due date of using the WhatsApp Messenger service this month, but WhatsApp changed their mind and extends the service for iPhone users iOS 7 and older up to February 1, 2020 & for Android V 2.3.7 and older can use the WhatsApp service until 1st February, 2020 and the Nokia S40 device can use the service until December 31, 2018.

Also, user cannot able to create a new WhatsApp accounts in the mentioned operating systems, WhatsApp tells that because we are not developing updates for these operating systems since these are older and also some features may not work at any time so for considering this, WhatsApp discontinued the services for these operating systems.

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