WhatsApp is the wide usage of communication service among users around the world. At the same time, WhatsApp still focused on user privacy & security by enabling the End-to-End encryption & Two-Step verification. Now, the recent news tipped by the WhatsApp Informer stats that WhatsApp developing a new system to enable same WhatsApp number usage on multiple devices.

WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices

Currently, WhatsApp more secure by allowing the usage of WhatsApp account on a single device. It has been protected with OTP authorization for each time log in to new devices.

After logging in to the device if the user tries to log in their account on other devices still, WhatsApp asks for OTP from the registered mobile number. At this state, WhatsApp syncs the user account to the latest verified device and if go back to the older device it again prompts for device verification. Also, if the user repeatedly switch more devices WhatsApp blocked from re-verifying the account.

Therefore, it’s still unbreakable the WhatsApp encryption system on single device usage. But the recent rumors stats that WhatsApp will allow the user to log in their same WhatsApp account to multiple devices.

According to WABetainfo, in the future using new multi-platform system users can able to use,

  • Main WhatsApp account on iPad (when the appwill be available) without uninstalling it from your iPhone.
  • The same WhatsApp account also on iOS and Android devices (or on devices having the same OS).
  • WhatsApp on your computer (without the necessity for an Internet connection on your phone) using the UWP app (this is one of the reasons why started to develop it).

Is WhatsApp continue the End-to-End encryption

& Privacy control?

Similarly, WhatsApp has the End-to-End encryption for each chat, group messages, voice messages & calls between the two users. Therefore, their conversation nobody can able to read even though WhatsApp.

Now the question is will WhatsApp continue their End-to-End encryption & Privacy control after the adoption of the new system. The informer is also confirmed about this that WhatsApp will be continuing their privacy control as usual.

But we thought some new privacy control will be adopted for the multi-platform system. Since because of stronger control of single device usage will give much protection for users for their privacy.

If multiple devices will be enabled on the other side there will be a chance of privacy out of control. So we believe WhatsApp will bring stronger privacy control if the new system is implemented.

In the same way, we thought it can be done as like two-step verification method. First of all, WhatsApp needs to differentiate the primary & secondary device.

The primary device is the default account where the user verified the device for the first time. The secondary device which is logged in other devices after the primary device needs to ask for device verification for a certain period. Let’s see what happens and what you guys think about this new announcement. Also, share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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