WhatsApp had earlier brings the Fingerprint lock update to the WhatsApp Beta v2.19.222. Now, WhatsApp has officially rolled out the WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature to everyone. As we already mentioned the fingerprint lock is really fast and secure. Now let find with us on how to enable the feature.

WhatsApp fingerprint lock update

WhatsApp worked for this feature for nearly six months for Beta update. After that, nearly 3 months for the stable update. However, it’s definitely worth a wait because this feature has worked pretty fast & secure always even the application available in the recent app list.

Once the feature enabled WhatsApp authentication is linked with the device default security credentials.

Therefore, on each time opening the application user need to authenticate using a fingerprint. Similarly, the fingerprint lock works even the application working at the background. This great feature will work for Android version Marshmallow and newer with fingerprint sensor-enabled mobiles.

Using this default WA feature here after no need for separate app lock application for locking the WhatsApp messenger.

How to Enable?

Firstly, update the WhatsApp application via Google Play store. After that, head into Settings > Account > Privacy and there you’ll find a new option at last so-called Fingerprint lock.

By default, the option is in disabled state now tap that option and enable the Unlock with Fingerprint option.
  1. After that, confirm to enable the fingerprint option by placing your fingerprint on the sensor. 
Now the fingerprint lock option enabled in your WhatsApp application. Upon enabling the apps you’ll the Automatically lock options in addition, where includes with three sub-options Immediately, After 1 minute & After 30 minutes. This options will decides WhatsApp at what certain period the application need to lock automatically. For better privacy control you can select the option to Immediately to make WhatsApp application always locked in real time. 
Also, under the beneath you’ll find other options with toggle switch so-called Show content in notifications. By disabling this option WhatsApp will not preview the chat messages, gif, stickers and even the contacts name in the notifications tab. Similarly, by default the option is in disabled state. 
  1. [edited] Similarly, fingerprint recognition is based on Android API settings. So, it not accepts fake fingerprints. Also, if you used the wrong fingerprint too many times it shows error message to try after 30 seconds.

If continue doing same mistakes continuously, WhatsApp temporarily disabled the fingerprint sensor. And you can’t open the WhatsApp application. To re-open WhatsApp you need to disable the phone fingerprint default settings. To do that, mobile password is needed so, this privacy feature is one of the best in WhatsApp in my opinion.

  1. Finally, after the all updates WhatsApp will started working with the WhatsApp fingerprint lock update. Upon using this feature a while it gives the great, great user experience to access.

Meanwhile, it has working fast & secure even the application runs in background or minimized in the recent application. In 2019, this latest WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature is one of the best privacy control for WhatsApp users. Next, what your thoughts guys about this latest WhatsApp feature let me know in the comments below,