WhatsApp had recently rollout the Group privacy options for stable users. The Group privacy options help the users to protect from admin on joining in the new groups. Instead of adding users directly to the group WhatsApp allowing the admins to use the WhatsApp Group Invitation feature for joining them to the WhatsApp group. This feature helps the users to control on joining new groups using the new privacy option in settings. Earlier on initial update WhatsApp had given three options for Group Privacy settings Everyone, My Contacts & No Body. Now WhatsApp Group privacy settings updated based on Indian users feedback with a new option so-called My Contacts except…

WhatsApp New Group Privacy Setting

With the help of new “My Contacts except” option now users can able to disallow the selective person in their Contacts list to avoid joining in the new groups. To enable the option go to Settings > Privacy > Groups and here select the new option My Contacts except. After selecting that option now it will show your contacts list from their you can exclude the contacts who don’t want to add in a new group. 

Similarly, if you’re already enabled the option “No body” option means, after switching to this settings you’ll not able use the “No body” option again. 
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