WhatsApp recently submitted a new WhatsApp beta update through Google Beta Program. The WhatsApp beta version 2.20.143 will brings the new hints on the WhatsApp upcoming new update of Multi-Account Feature. The WhatsApp multi-account feature will help to let you allow us to use the WhatsApp account in more than one device officially. So WhatsApp’s main account won’t disconnect even if you logged into the new device. 
Regarding this feature, WhatsApp will bring the new features page of “Log in a new device”. So firstly, here you need to approve the new device you’re going to log in through encryption like the OTP method. After that, you’ll be allowed to use it in the new device with your WhatsApp account even logged in your first device. Likewise, the WhatsApp account used in the new device will also, encrypted with the end-to-end encryption method for all chats & calls. 
Similarly, WhatsApp recommends using the Wi-Fi as the connectivity instead of Mobile data since WhatsApp will sync all data like Chat messages, Group messages, Calls, Archives, and all settings options to every device you’re logged in. Likewise, it still unknown how many devices will be supported on the WhatsApp Multi-Account feature. I Will let you share more info regarding this feature soon. So Stay tuned. 

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