WhatsApp earlier three months back started working for the new system that will enable the same WhatsApp account usage on multiple devices. Now, the recent update reveals that it much closer for rollout to the WhatsApp beta users soon. Similarly, WhatsApp planned to release the WhatsApp iPad version along with the WhatsApp multiple devices update. Also, after the update, user can use the WhatsApp account on iPhone, iPad & Android devices simultaneously.

New System with End-to-End Encryption

WhatsApp new update of bringing the WhatsApp account on multiple devices are made possible with End-to-End encryption. WhatsApp has developing a new method to assign keys for specific devices. Presently, WhatsApp will create the security keys between the two users who starts the chatting session. In the same vein, in addition, WhatsApp implementing the specific keys between the devices if the same account used. 

Similarly, if using WhatsApp account on second device means, the most important thing is previous chats history. As of now, it not confirmed whether WhatsApp will allow backup to restore on the new device. Also, it important to sync old chats and however, it should be in realtime sync capability. Then only, on chatting at multiple devices it will be clear & understandable otherwise, it creates the confusion while chatting. Let’s find what happens in few weeks. 


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