WhatsApp continuously working on various features around all platforms after the recent update of Swipe to Reply feature, WhatsApp stickers for Android & iOS and new Emoji’s and UI for iOS now they again comes with new handy feature for better user experience regarding that WhatsApp submitted a new beta update through Google beta program and brings up the version to 2.18.338 and these updates are works at this version only and for normal users need to wait for stable update from WhatsApp.

Reply Privately

This feature is works on WhatsApp groups only and this feature help the user to reply for the message received in the group privately to the participants by just holding on the chat message and tap on menu at the top right (Three dots) and select Reply Privately option after that WhatsApp automatically insert that particular message in the private chat of the participants.

This Reply Privately feature works even if the group settings of send messages by admin is turned On and it works for older messages you received earlier and also, for the group that is closed.

New Emoji’s

After the recent update of new UI and Emoji’s in iOS now the new Emoji’s released for Android platform to see the new Emoji’s the user need to update the application to V2.18.338 find this Emoji’s in the emoji icon near to text editor in the chat room.

Checkout these two new features and share the experience through the comments section and for non-beta users download the WhatsApp V2.18 338 APK version in any third-party source to experience instantly and know more WhatsApp Features