WhatsApp new update in beta program will brings the new UI & Improvements in WhatsApp Doodle section and blocked screenshot of chat conversation. This new update work for all beta users using v2.19.106. And for stable users it will be updated through OTA in coming weeks. Now, lets discuss about the new UI & feature in Doodle and Blocked screenshot conversation in detail.

New UI & Feature in Doodle

On sending any new media files to someone, previously you can just add emoji only to the picture. Now, the current update brings the two tabs Stickers & Emoji.  Yes! now you can add stickers to the media (Photos + Videos) while sending the media by pressing the emoji face. Also, WhatsApp organized the doodle section categories wise like recently sent, content stickers, shapes, favorites & stickers pack.

Also, WhatsApp designed the background of doodle section like Ambient theme feature. Which means based on the media, selected media colors blurs and became as background in Doodle section. It’s good to see this feature with different colors of backgrounds on each time selecting a media.

Chat Screenshot Blocking

Earlier on Android beta V2.19.3 WhatsApp brings the default authentication feature in WhatsApp through finger print sensor. And once enabled WhatsApp authentication is linked with the device security credentials. Each time opening the applications user need to authenticate using finger print.

Now in the current beta update V2.19.106 on enabling the unlock with fingerprint option. You’ll be longer able to screenshot your chat conversation. This feature is still on developing stage and we don’t know whether WhatsApp will enable this feature or not on rollout. Even though authentication is enabled you can still reply to chats from the notification bar itself.

Then what you guys thinking about this feature. Is blocking screenshot of our own chat will be a good feature, let me know in the comments section. For mine if the feature will come with unique option and apart from us other users to be blocked screenshot of our chats.